Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beth is no longer a human Crock-Pot, normal programming to resume!

At sometime between 2:30 and 5:30 pm today, Thursday, May 28th, my body regained the ability to self regulate temperature. How it does that without sweating I don’t know and I think as long as I don’t have another fever, I don’t want to know (but I expect I WILL have another fever….sometime). At the same time, my heartrate, which had been high with many erratic beats also returned to normal. I believe that the heart beats were a) either an attempt through increased circulation to try and bring down my temperature or b) another sign of loss of autonomic control. Also, the burning in my head/eyes, the ring of fire headache, joint aches and pains and other signs of a fever have gone. Leaving me thankful I did not follow up on what in my fever was a confused understanding of two suggestions by my readers… have a rectal Popsicle (hey after wearing an ice vest for 6 hours nothing seems outlandish).

I am dizzy, have lost my voice and seem weak, as in, if sat upon by my teddy bears, would I be able to move? I felt somewhat that the temperature had regained control before the nap but wanted to have a two hour nap and see how I was afterward (since the fever seems to spike in the afternoon and after the nap). So I called Linda and work and rasped that she could stay late. She said that she would be home around seven as she would work late and pick up groceries. I said that I wasn’t sure if I would be here as BADMINTON starts then (What! What? I’ve been almost better for a whole like, 4 hour already!). All I got on the phone was an "oooooohhhhhh!" She thought that the urge to talk which would strip my throat and the urge to not "just do one game" would be too much and did I really want to go back into the mental and physical hell I had just emerged from?

Well no, but, but….(insert plaintive voice) badminton?

I agreed I would wait and that while LOGIC dictates waiting a 24 hour period to see if waking up or getting hot is dealt with in a normal fashion instead of returning to a fever. After so MANY days of sleeping, sleeping, pain, pain, pain, pain until I fall asleep and waking up in pain. That actually DOING something sounded a lot more like a "non-fevered" Beth thing to do than "Resting and taking it easy." Sigh.

Anyway, thank you for all your support and if anyone does that popsickle suppository, let me know it goes, so I have some data for next time. I expect to post tonight, as this is just a, "Beth is not a human crock-pot" post.


sly civilian said...

wishing you cool breezes...

cheryl g. said...



Seriously Sis, you really do need to give it a miss tonight or you will be right back in that fevered, pain filled place you have just escaped from.

Uh, we were suggesting popsicles for you to eat so you could get extra hydration and cool off from the inside out.

Raccoon said...

Yay! Fever done go busted!

Yes, today might be badminton, but, as parents everywhere might say: "if you stayed home sick today, then you aren't to go outside playing!"

Take it easy for couple of days. Make sure you're past everything.

(Popsicle suppositories?!? I can't feel suppositories, and that made me feel cold!)

Neil said...

Woo Hoo!!! May the gods be praised!

Considering we've never met, I'm somewhat surprised at how fond I have become of you and Linda. I'm very happy to hear that you are feeling better. But NO badminton tonight, Elizabeth. Give that poor beleaguered body and immune system some real rest. PLEASE!!! As your weird uncle, I insist you rest for at least one night.

And I suggested this to Em earlier today on her blog, but I will say it here too: "Inspire" (your second favourite word) "Expire." We do NOT want you expiring, dear Elizabeth, but feel free to INspire us all you wish. :)

Love and zen hugs,

Lene Andersen said...

Oh, thank whatever divinity will accept it. I'm so happy.

About badminton? SIT! STAY!!

p.s. that human crockpot thing is going to make me giggle for days. I can just tell.
p.p.s. one post per day is enough. Spend some time with Linda, play a game, read, talk if you simply MUST do something.
p.p.s. NO BADMINTON! For a couple of days. Please? Let us simmer down a little before we have to worry about you again...

yanub said...

Popsicles--Good even when you aren't sick.

Rectal popsicles--I think that's one of the "harsh interrogation" techniques used at Gitmo.

I am glad that you are no longer slowly cooking your brains. Give badminton a pass for a couple of days so you can continue your non-stewing ways. Can't you go swimming instead? Or, er, ice skating? There must be wheelchair ice skating. Or volleyball. No reason you can't have the AC going at a volleyball court. Whatever you do, just let it be somewhere that they will at least turn on the fans.

FridaWrites said...

No badminton! And the popsicles go in the *other* end! :)

Glad you're feeling better. Maybe read or reread some manga if you're up to it?

Lisa Harney said...

Yay for fever going down. Here's hoping it stays down.

And don't push yourself too hard right after recovering. They didn't invent the word "relapse" just to inflate the dictionary.

Don't make Cheryl go up there!

A Bear in the Woods said...

If Badminton didn't give you a fever in the first place, why is everyone so scared of it now?

On the other hand...
Hip Hip Hurray, Beth is feeling better!

saraarts said...

"...[I]f anyone does that popsicle suppository, let me know it goes, so I have some data for next time."

Look, Linda seems like a gentle soul, but I think if you go playing badminton in that un-air-conditioned, un-ventilated Y gym before, I don't know, Tuesday, she might just give you that data all by herself. Empirical data, if you know what I mean.

And I can't say for certain that any of us would blame her. Just so you know.

em said...

I don't think you want Cheryl on your bad side. I'm shocked at how quickly you bounce back. I was starting to be seriously worried about you, and (this is for Daniel) you are dreaming of the hot, unventilated badminton gym.

Well. That's what makes you you, huh, Elizabeth Fabulous McClung? (I stole that from Neil.)

Elizabeth McClung said...

Sly civilian: cool breezes all summer please!

Cheryl: It seems like you are trying to tell me something, if only I knew what....?

Haha, no I did not go to badminton, I talked for two hours and am now coughing, hmmmm, that's wasn't the best backup plan.

Raccoon: You must have some different parents than mine, mine said, (and I quote) "101 is not a valid reason to stay home from school, if you can stand unassisted, you are going." In fact a couple times they sent me to the nurses office, called my parents who said, "What is it?" They say, "She has a fever?" Parents: "How high?", Nurse: "101 degrees", Parents: "Send her back to class."

Apparently listening to your body is equated to "slacker" in my family upbringing. Also, what is this work, "Play" you use, it is like "Weeding?" Okay, I did get to play, a little.

Neil: for you, my fond and odd uncle, I will maximize sleep and note the effects. All for nothing as there is ANOTHER specialist appointment tomorrow (boo!).

I have a nurse trainee to watch over me tonight, so no "expire", just "exhale" - cheers!

Lene: You know I was plotting EACH day, what I could do that night IF and when I got better - so I will accept that no badminton that means boxing tomorrow right!

I much, now have to avoid getting the one week cough, will try to make it through the night avoiding the "stripped throat cough"

Yanbu: Linda doesn't have any and I can't wheel to the store and they remind me of a very very odd emo joke about how I love you like a popsicle, how I would lick you, and how I would savor unwrapping you, and how I would love to run my tongue over you, and how as I bend you over the counter I would love to....SNAP YOU IN HALF....and keep the rest for later!

I have tried to get into Volleyball but they require you MOVE - well aren't we elitist! And ice skating, I don't know how that would work but I am ready to try.

Fridawrites: Oh, the OTHER end. Actually I am still having some problems reading with eye coordination. Very odd.

Lisa: Thanks, oh darn, now you use both logic AND linquistics on me. Sigh, they used to be MY friends.

Bear in the woods: I think they are scared because I got heat stoke the last time I played in the un-air conditioned gym. And post fever maybe not great plan, but yes, thinking clearly (I put "straight" and then erased it because that was probably part of the horrid fever) is a plus.

Saraarts: Yeah, I notice since Linda has been highlighting things like...her worries and the little things I do which concern her, people seem to root more for Linda giving me the smackdown. Not that I don't deserve it sometimes, which is why I called her, because if Linda says okay, the is HAS to be good, right?

Em: I don't really bounce back, was that a quick bounce back - five days of high fever? I just think that any more would have driven me beyond. I PLAN to do things, I mean, if I can move my wrists, I think "Hey lets go get someone to wheel me to badminton" - doesn't mean I feel good but I can actually sit upright and not need neck support today! Yeah!

Neil said...

Blue rectal popsicles...

Wouldn't THAT get interesting comments from the care workers? Or they'd wonder at the very least.

Please, Beth, no boxing. "No pain, no gain" does NOT apply to you!

Of course, how'm I gonna stop you? Oh, I know:

Maggie, Cheryl? Got some ferry tickets handy?

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Glad you are better, NOW TAKE A BREAK! Give yourself a few days before you go all hell bent on indepenence!


Heather said...

I'm never going to look at a popsicle in quite the same way. Especially blue ones. And I'm sitting here in a pre-work stupor trying to figure out exactly how I could manage to shut down badminton in Victoria for a week. Folly. You'd go to judo class instead.

Very happy and, like everyone else, relieved that the cold has abated and you're feeling better.