Sunday, March 16, 2008

Please HELP me to help me send a gift? And badminton.

Okay, you may remember Ragged Anne dolls when you were a child, how limp and floppy they were. That is because they were totally wiped and full of opium – which is like me, I am a Ragged Anne (except I have bones inside of me and they didn’t). Also, please read to the bottom for how I NEED you to help me. Seriously.

I woke up last night with this odd mewling/moaning noise I make in extreme pain and Linda found me and got a pain pill into me and then there was that hellish 15-20 minutes before it kicks in. Happened again four hours later. Cheryl was visiting/staying with us and I tried to go on the computer im the morning and she found me with my face on the keyboard (not the most efficient way to type), and my arms all clawed. I tried to smile and said, “This is pretty much what it is like some days.” She held my arm and found that the muscles inside were all spasming/twitching. Anyway, with assistance, I got ready to go to badminton (why let a little lack of sleep, fatigue and extreme pain stop me from my fav sport).

All three of us went and we played together becuase the GUYS were on the other courts (the jerks who would not offer to play with us...the whole day!) and did a 1/2 hour warm up. Well...until I stopped because I wasn’t feeling “right” and then I later couldn’t hold onto my racket and then I couldn’t stay upright. And Linda and Cheryl wheeled me off (I assume) and we tried the new “snap and shake” cold packs we bought for japan, which work great, and make me a C cup (cold stuffed bra!). I sat out while they played doubles and had oxygen and the cold pack and took pictures and Wayne and Cheryl (in the chair) took on Linda and Kuon (after I moaned to Wayne like a 11 year old about "none of them will PLAY with us!" - pain does odd things to me). You can see that being a Park Ranger gives Cheryl mighty ranger muscles as even seated she makes the hit. Suddenly Kuon is running back and can’t make it so he jumps into the air to make the hit (you can see both of his feet are VERY off of the ground). Ha! Who says, us wheelie’s can’t play: run, jump, just try to keep up with us!
By the next game I was able to play but was not in good shape as I had a slight fever from the heat in my eyes (that's how I know when I have a fever) and time lapses. Like I would find I had been staring out and that the birdie was in play and remember that I was SUPPOSED to do something. What was it? I think it was hit it, that’s it. But I had no clue who service it was. Never the less, Linda and I held close at 11-11 to Cheryl and Wayne before they broke serve to win.

Then I went into shock and they got me home and laid me down and I had problems breathing (blah, blah, blah), and sadly Cheryl had to go in an hour or two back to AMERICA. But while I was on the ground twitching and groaning in pain I asked her to tell me a story, so she told me the story of all her injuries. She started with a tractor running over her and then stopping atop her leg, and how then the other people (in the landscaping crew) were panicking and couldn’t remember how to reverse it and she was trying to call out instructions to them while this tractor has made mush of her ankle. Nothing like hearing about other people’s gruesome pain to take your mind off your own for a while. And thanks to a brill doctor who set her bones under continuous x-ray (might want to watch there for cancer later!), she has a working ankle – hooray. But then, there were a LOT more injuries.

So she left, and I got put down....wait, I mean, put into bed and slept until 8:30 or so when I woke up on what I am sure was another planet, some planet with twice the gravity of my home planet. Because, when the fatigue and pain wears out, it turns out there is a whole OTHER layer of fatigue and pain underneath. So I didn’t get to do much today on getting Japan planned in terms of where to go in Tokyo or what to buy or what shops to go and visit. See, the hard stuff, like hotels and itinerary is all done and now in the last weeks I was supposed to plan the fun stuff like ‘shopping and Tokyo and Kyoto'.

But I did come up with a PLAN, and the plan is about YOU, the readers: the people who read, the people who comment, the people who don’t comment and send me emails, the people who send gifts and odd things and the lurkers. I am doing OKAY on ebay and making $600, if everyone pays (so $100 more than I vowed to make back in Summer 07). And I plan, on the third day, when I get to Tokyo, that Linda and I are going to an arcade to get a row of those stickers (from machines called Purikura which give different and cool backgrounds), that all the school girls get and you get a pic of you and your love and then stick it on your phone and pencil case.

So first I get Purikura stickers and then, becuase I have asked YOU, the readers to send me, NOW, your mailing address to my email: Make the subject: Postcard from Japan. And I will make two sets of address labels so that I can put on the address label and a note to YOU and the purikura sticker and you will get your very own postcard from Japan from me (I need to do the address labels because I have a hard time writing with my hand). And hopefully, not just a purikura picture of Linda and I from Tokyo but maybe another from Kyoto. I WANT to do this. Part of the reason is as a thank you for all the people and readers out there who have send me everything from emails, to encouraging comments to gifts but also because: What is better than getting a postcard from Japan! I want my trip that I have saved and dreamed (and struggled) about to be YOUR trip too! In the email please let me know that a) you read Screw Bronze or know me, and b) what your name and address is (I promise to keep it secret) and c) what you go by if you use another name to comment (so I know if I know you and can write something appropriate on the postcard). Also, if there is some small thing you WANT from Japan, or specifically Tokyo, please include the details in the email. As since I am going, I might as well pick up a few things for my friends right? But PLEASE, take a chance and also give me the chance to be happy by sending you a personalized postcard. Pretty Please?

Only two weeks to GO!


cheryl g. said...

Heh, heh, heh - I made Kuon have to run and jump to return the hit. Next time I come play I'm going to concentrate on placement even more... You and Linda are getting real good and Linda has developed a couple of killer returns.

and we fed squirrels the day before - it was a GREAT visit!

mental mosaic said...

Badminton is fun, travel is fun, postcards from Japan fun! Pain...not so fun. :(

I'll be sending you my address. Two weeks 'til your trip? Wow! :)

FridaWrites said...

Ooh--I never get international mail anymore. I'm taking you up on your offer! How nice of you.

KateJ said...

After not being able to see your blog for a while (computers, aren't they just wonderful???) I was back online today and went straight to Screw Bronze. Sorry to hear about yet another awful pain-filled episode... but wonderful to find that the trip to Japan is about to happen. And the purikura card sound like a fantastic idea. I'd love to go to Japan myself... but for the time being, my partner and I are having a very special trip of our own - to Italy - at around the same time as your trip. So I'm sending you the e-mail with my address so I can take you up on the offer of the purikura card... on condition that you then give me your address so I can send you and Linda a card from "Venice,Italy" (as the Americans call it.) Promise.

Donimo said...

What a cool idea, Elizabeth. I would love a purikura postcard. 2 weeks till you leave - that is so exciting. Will you take video while you're there and post it? What I want from Japan is all your stories and photos.

I know many of us crips hate the "inspiring" thing, but you DO inspire me to think about what I can do as far as travel is concerned. I went to Maui last year and though it was very hard at times, it was fabulous. This year, I am in worse shape and I have a hard time imagining leaving all the things I have at home that make it a bit easier for me. I know I enjoy travel more when I am in better shape and I yearn for being at least as "well" as I was a year ago. So, I have to be able to think about travel and what I can get out of it as I am right now and not what I have been able to in the past. Grief is not a good passport.

elizabeth said...

I'm in. You rock.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Cheryl: Yeah you really had him leaping about. Well, Linda and I always seem a WEE more agressive playing AGAINST each other.

Mental Mosaic: Japan fun and thank you for sending the address - I like sending postcards. As for the two weeks - I am having a bit of a meltdown if I think too much about that (like: Do I yet have oxygen? No.)

To all readers and lurkers: I LIKE sending postcards. I have a system to send these cards, please, even if you have NEVER commented and NEVER plan to comment - send me your name and address to get at least one postcard (and a purikura sticker!). Unless you say so, I will only send the naughty postcards to people I know who might like that - people who read the blog (And I know there are at least 60-100 who do) I will try to find some envy inducing picture postcard that you can put up at work.

Frida: Cool, I look forward to sending the postcards!

KateJ: Italy is a cool place and Venice is our fav - have your seen the BBC 4 part special about the 1500 year history of venice from a guy whose family home has been there 1000 years. It is pretty cool. I'd love a postcard, so I'll send you some email details. Have fun in Venice.

Donimo: Yeah, two weeks is scary, but Linda has been making packing lists since last week, so I have faith in her. I do advance planning and she does close up planning when I turn into a panicked puddle.

Getting that medical support is HARD, which is why it is hard to leave and of course the rooms which are medically needed cost more - it is the financial tax on the disabled. But I am probably too sick to go to Japan realistically, but hey, I have tickets to go, so I GO! But I know what you mean, I would like to go on a trip but have had many even short trips cut short due to health - which sucks.

Elizabeth: Yeah, one more for Team Japan!

Raccoon said...

I'm still trying to coordinate everybody's schedule so I can decide when I'm going to Korea.

Two weeks! Congratulations!

Heh. When I finally do go, I'll send you a card from Cheju Island. They've got a very interesting themepark there...


cheryl g said...


You still have my address info for the postcard right? If it's misplaced let me know and I'll resend.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Raccoon: I believe in you, I know you will go - this is more a case of tickets already bought and rail passes that can't be refunded and a need to go before it is too late. If it wasn't for Linda, I wouldn't be doing this, but thank goodness for Linda. Looking forward to hearing your Korean adventures.

Cheryl: Have address, will post! New Motto: No stairs, no fainting, no trembling will keep me from my appointed task.

Marla said...

Awesome! You will really send me a post card! Lovely!

Your pain must be intense. I wish they had better pain pills for these bouts. Thinking and praying for you often.

Lindsay said...

aww... your gift idea sounds so warm and fuzzy and awesome. But I'm moving sometime in the next few weeks and I don't know where I'm living yet. :-(

ThePurpleSeal said...

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