Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting pink hair, cherry blossoms, EMT's and squirrels

I have a great need to say something positive on another day which wasn’t very positive. Actually this post was going to be about rape, and how the new home care agency is sending men to female clients (for the first time EVER) for showering and intimate changing UNLESS you specifically have “been raped” added to your file for all workers and schedules and managers to see. And maybe I will talk about that another day but let’s talk about squirrels instead. Actually, though this weekend I fed a few squirrels that seemed to recognize me, every time I would get a few squirrels together, one would start chasing another, and then they would end up going up a tree together. There was something going on as for once, some squirrels were finding OTHER squirrels MORE interesting than peanuts. Sheesh, what is the world coming too? (Linda says it is called “Spring”).
Cheryl was visiting with a friend M. from Port Angeles. Both of them are Rangers and both are EMT’s (and M. is actually registered to run into burning buildings. I don’t know exactly HOW you get on a list to register to run into burning buildings as I have often been STOPPED, but if you know, please let me know, because that sounds like a kick-ass certification to get). They helped me feed the squirrels (see first pic) and then we wandered down to the IMAX film I talked about the other day. When the usher came to get me, I had this whole group traipsing after me, so I was: “This is my Caregiver” (Linda), “This is my heat exhaustion EMT” (Cheryl), “And this is my generic Trauma EMT.” (M.) On reflection, I am quite surprised we were allowed in at all, normally having THREE medical people for one wheelie is BIT much. Afterward, in the spirit of heading to Japan, Linda got a picture of us after we had been saying rude and likely sexual things in front of the Cherry Trees. I am not certain if this is how one is supposed to view the cherry blossoms in Japan but it seemed pretty good for us. (click on the pic to blow up and see all our leers)

Today I went to get my hair cut and dyed, which was an exercise is humiliation and frustration. First because, all I ask is that my hair be pink, as in Anime and Manga girl pink. I am after all going to Japan and after MUCH viewing of Anime, I have determined that I need pink hair to blend in with the Japanese population (either Pink or blue hair). Also, I wanted to take a sword and look like Utena (a lesbian anime character who fenced people and had pink hair). Well, I packed the camera to record the whole process including making my head a giant pink cone. But I left the backpack (with the camera inside) at home. So sucks for me. Anyway, here are some highlights:

Me: “Now don’t use any discouraging words but since my thyroid is dying, can you notice any thinning?”

Stylist: “YES!”


Stylist: “Don’t ask me why, but I am NOT doing layers at this particular level at the back (lower side of my head), just trust me on my reasons.”

Me: “What does that mean?”

Linda goes and looks, “It means, do you want a bald spot or not?”

Me: “NOT!”

Linda: “Then listen to the stylist.”


Me: “I thought you told me I wasn’t getting thinner.”

Linda: “I told your hair looked just as full… the last time, that doesn’t count over six months.”
Me: “What? That makes no sense. So it WAS getting thinner?”

Linda: “I think you are overheating, you should have a drink.”


Stylist: “OMG! I have turned your scalp pink!”

Me: “Good!”

Stylist: “No, I mean, really, really pink!”

Me: “Good!” Sees self in mirror, “Okay…..yeah, that is really pink!

LATER – as stylist is blow drying hair

Stylist (to Linda): “You need to come here.”

Linda goes over and they look at my hair

Stylist: “It didn’t take, some of it took but some of it didn’t take at all. I’ve never had this happen, it must be the thyroid.” (talking about the hair changing colour)

Me: “What, put something else on! Make it pink!”

Stylist: “I put something else on and you have NO hair.”

Me: “And if we bleach it?”

Stylist shakes her head (I bleach hair left).

Me: “So I have……red hair”

Stylist: “Well, there is red and brown and copper all mixed together but no: there is no pink but a deep red.”

Me (not quite in tears): “Suck!”

So, I am NOT going to Japan with Pink hair but reddish hair, a darker red than before and hopefully it says, “I am punk crazy and my dangerous sex appeal with corsets overcomes your odd prejudice about wheelchairs” instead of “I am a mature confident woman.” Because quite honestly, that last statement is the LAST thing I want to project. Here is a pic of me and the hair (the hollow look is partly due to the hair and partly due to not getting enough sleep because…I had a new night care worker)
So, yeah, had this new night care giver, which is always a bit of a stress. On the plus side she didn’t freak when I couldn’t speak. On the down side she doesn’t know how to use oxygen tanks (just like the last one) and she sleeps….a lot. I am starting to realize that most night workers come and expect me (and them) to be asleep by 10:30 pm (the seniors for clients). Only I go to sleep at 1:30 a.m. I figure if the night person is getting the same amount to just sit and read and make sure I breathe until I go to sleep as the people who come and do my laundry and make meals, then they should…stay awake. I noticed that my night worker had stopped coming to check on me, and eventually, wanting to go to sleep an hour later, I went looking for her with my wheelchair. I found her in my bedroom with the lights turned off fast asleep. So, I waited while she woke up and talked her through the various “going to sleep” tasks….several times. At one point I waved my hand in front of her face and called “Hello” because I think she had gone back to sleep (she was supposed to shut the bathroom door and instead stood in it swaying).

Because I talk so much about my care, many could think that I get a lot of care but for daily care, I average about 7.5 hours a week. I am allotted the maximum of 120 hours a month. But because I have problems getting into bed and GOING to bed (Bed is where the PAIN is), that puts a strain on Linda to help me and do her job and the overtime her job requires. So after Linda burned out I changed my hours so about 75% of my home care is in making sure that Linda gets at least two good night’s sleep between Monday and Friday (three if there are extra hours). Any booking of an “overnight” is 10 hours, so at 4.5 weeks a month that is 80-90 hours with 7.5 hours a week during the day making up the other 30. It is just: with the new workers coming (and me having to train them), it gets a bit tiresome as THEY and Linda often get more sleep than I do. But once I find some regulars hopefully things will go back to the efficiency of before. But, to get the extra hours for night care, I cancelled some evening work and added assisted showering to meal prep, and cancelled one day entirely so not everything gets done. This is why, as it has been since March 1 when Beacon took over, every time I am told (daily) that my care is changed or reduced or not coming, that means no shower, or meal as well as a load of dishes or clothes that just…wait. I am not complaining (well, except when they don’t show up or are not competent), what we have works. It is just I think people think I get a LOT of care during the day or evening and that isn’t the case. I have a volunteer which goes to boxing with me (10 pages of liability wavers: no, not joking), and a worker to dress me. But otherwise, I am in the bed or in the wheelchair or in my computer chair. Which is where you see me with my NEW pink scalp and fairly reddish hair.

Um, that’s it. I know a lot of people don’t have care and I am glad for mine so I can use it to make sure Linda doesn’t burn out taking care of me. I am fortunate and acknowledge that (but also can lead to some times where I am literally stuck due to a cancellation, and Linda has to come home from work to give me a shower – which is less than self affirming). The good news is, I am going to have a slightly pink shaded pillow tomorrow! Hope your time in the hair salon goes happier than mine (as I sunk my head to the Stylists table and said, “After everything that has stopped working or is messed up in my body, don’t you realize that is WHY I want pink hair, and now you are saying MY HAIR is messed up too.”)

Oh well, we move on, eh?


kathz said...

It may not be pink but I like the very red look. (My daughter has just dyed her hair very red so I'm prejudiced in favour of that shade.) I hope you find you like it too once you've got used to it.

Much sympathy about all the crap thing - and I'm furious about the idea of male caregivers for women (which should be allowed only if the women say specifically that they are happy about it). But I'm glad you had fun with squirrels and enjoyed the IMAX and cherry blossom.

Devi said...

how the new home care agency is sending men to female clients (for the first time EVER) for showering and intimate changing UNLESS you specifically have “been raped” added to your file for all workers and schedules and managers to see.

That's disgusting.

On a happier note, I think your hair looks great.

Lisa Harney said...

I once spent a full year with pink hair. The way I got pink hair to work was to use red Special Effects or Manic Panic dyes that would usually wash out into pink the first time I used shampoo. I wasn't trying for pink, but after the third try, I was pretty much settled into it.

I did bleach my hair each time to make it last longer. I kind of miss my pink hair. :(

Lene Andersen said...

I think that looks sort of dark pink and works much better with your skin tone.

As for the sleeping workers. Not acceptable. They don't get paid to sleep. Or if they do doze off, whick OK, I get how that happens, not so deeply that you can't wake them up. Fer fuck's sake....

And don't get me started on the rape thing. I'm thisclose to asking you for the number to Beacon and ripping someone a new one. Privacy issue much? Do you have a privacy person thing in BC? Wait, that'll mean more work for you. Nevermind. It'll still be there after Japan.

cheryl g. said...

Yep, squirrel love apparently trumps peanuts. I wonder if the two squirrels we couldn't coax out of the bushes were females trying to hide from the sex crazed males?

The new home care agency is wack!

M is a certified structural firefighter and you get registered by doing the extremely strenuous and difficult training. She may be short in stature but she's very strong.

Well the deeper red hair and your paleness do work well for a goth look sis.

I hope you get a better night care worker soon sis and can find a regular. Can the scheduler add a note to the file for night care stating that the worker will be awake during the night caring for the client's needs?

Tayi said...

I like your hair. It's not pink, but it's still cute!

Veralidaine said...

Honestly I think the bright red looks way better on you than the pink would have. BUT. According to my best friend who has been to Japan, most of the Japanese girls with bright pink hair did NOT dye their natural beautiful black hair; they are wearing wigs because their parents would be horrified if they actually dyed their hair. So, if you want pink hair, all you need is a pink wig, and it can be as thick and pink as your heart desires!

In fact, if they don't sell pink wigs in Canada (do they sell pink wigs in Canada?) I have the most wonderful costume store 5 blocks from home called Disguises, and there is a very pretty man there who looks EXACTLY like Captain Jack Sparrow (he even plays Captain Jack at the local renaissance fair in the summers... do not ask me why there are pirates in the Renaissance now, but apparently there are) who I would love an excuse to visit, so I will gladly send you a lovely pink wig.

Neil said...


I think the red hair looks good on you. Maybe you should go for fire engine red instead of pink.

The squirrels weren't deliberately slighting you. They just had something else on their minds.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Kathz: I too hope I come to love the new look.....anyway, at least Linda should be able to pick me out of a crowd.

Yeah, I have not been impressed with Beacon but since it is now the ONLY care agency left in Victoria, I am at the mercy of schedulers to be kind to me. And yes, I guess I need to dress more sexy if I am to get any squirrel attention for the next few weeks.

Devi: Yeah, they really have taken the whole "privacy" issue to a new low - where now not only are your medical issues but your personal issues are passed around.

Thanks for the encouragement on the hair.

Lisa: I think doing the whole PINK hair is something everyone should do, and then to find when you are ready to make your pink hair statement that your hair has up and left you, well not very cricket. I can't use anything but salon stuff because apparently dying thryroid means "hair breaks about 30 times as easily).

Lene: Yes, nothing like being ill and housebound to give one that pale, pale gothy skin colour I have been dreaming about! MMMMMmmmm!

I don't mind if the workers sleep once I am in bed and it is clear I am not in pain, and that they can wake when I call them. But they are there to ensure I am upright and breathing and if they are SOOOO tired, well, maybe there is someone a little less tired who wants to make $200 to ensure I am upright and breathing - I don't think you can have it both ways (it is bit like sleeping in class and then complaining the teacher isn't fair for giving you a bad grade).

As for Beacon, I am convinced that someone needs to take them to BC court to get some changes in care giving in the province.

Cheryl G: Yeah, there was a lot of odd squirrel activity that day. I take it to be "Certified Structural" that means you can't just be kinda square looking cause I'm pretty big? I should point out that with my titanium chair I COULD go into a burning building and if I had special wheels the WHEELCHAIR would be just fine (the occupant however...). Just in case they want to add a wheelchair classification for going into burning buildings.

I guess I will have to ask the scheduler to do that, it does feel like stating the obvious though - after the "Don't send a chain smoker to someone with acute respiration problems" now I have to ask, "Don't send a night worker who only sleeps and isn't able to carry out instructed tasks?" I think they need to ask instruction of the straw man in OZ about brains.

Tayi: Thanks, I appreciate that. Oddly, I had a dream last night about your blog - am dreaming about people's blogs...any sign I spend too much time on line?

Veralidaine. Hmmmmm, well the thinning hair does make having a wig more viable. I will take a look around. I just wanted to be "a sight worth seeing" while in Japan becuase that way when everyone stares I can say, "Oh, they are looking at the hair" and smile.

Neil: Hmmm, well, we will have to see what colour it goes after a few washes (As the colour tends to bleed out the first week and settle into a new colour), it might go pinky, it might go more red, I just hope it doesn't go......dread pause.....brown.

as for the squirrels, tell me about it, one squirrel took a peanut and then raced across a field, dropped the peanut as another squirrel took off and the last I saw they were both chasing each other out of sight. Apparently squirrel flirtation is a very ENERGETIC thing.

ms bond said...

I get my hair dyed red so I am always in favor of red (God intended me to have red hair...he just needs a little help). My sister finally put a halt to the Henna experience as it was really messy, never turned out the same way twice, and I always managed to geyt it everywhere. I understand your dissapointment about the lack of pink though....maybe it will fade pink.

Does the care agancy not read statistics? One in every three women has been a victem of a sexual attack. Probably more. Stupid people. Really.....I am so sorry you have to deal with inconsiderate fools. Most women I know would be uncomfortable with a male assisting her with dressing and bathing. Damn.

cheryl g. said...

The male care workers for women unless the file specifically states "has been raped" is just the sort of thing that should be passed on to reporters. Did they give you written notification of this policy change?

Elizabeth McClung said...

Ms. Bond: Yes, you do end up with pink coloured wires to your mp3 player, pink stains on the top of your tops when it rains and pink marks where-ever you lay your head the first few days.

As for the agency, it is all put under the "not enough staff" the problem is that first the time they arrive is put down as some unreasonable whim in wartime, "Well, you may be scheduled for 11, but you are getting someone at 12:00 (and you are lucky to get someone at all)" and now the, "well we just don't have enough females to suit your wishes" - only last I checked Victoria isn't actually AT war, and we don't NEED to eat horse meat and if someone is getting paid $20 to prepare a meal or $40 to be bathed; you would think the person PAYING would get some choices, eh?

Cheryl: I would love to have a letter, I was just given the heads up by several care workers who came back to clients or were pulled from clients to hear from the clients how suddenly, for the first time in multiple years/decades of care, men showed up to do a full assist (undressing, toilet, bathing, dressing, etc). So I was told, if you don't want some guy showing up on short notice, the only thing that will stop them is "has been raped"

Wheelchair Dancer said...

mature, confident, sexy, indeed.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Wheelchair dancer: You do this intentionally don't you - "crazy sexy danger girl" is what I want! - I'm not ready to be "mature, confident" - at least not this week.

cheryl g. said...

OK, I would call Beacon and tell them you have heard that here has been this policy change and then ask for written notification of this and any other changes to your agreed upon hours/care. You can tell them you need it in writing to refresh your memory because of the brain fog.

Asking for it in writing might worry them enough that they quit messing with your hours and don't send male workers. It also gives you proof for the scathing expose and lawsuit.

Or give me Beacon's number and your sister can call to ask for the letter(s) since you need to be resting more/doing less.

KateJ said...

Your hair looks pretty good - but it isn't pink. I don't reckon the people with the really pink hair (or green or blue or whatever) actually get it done by hairdressers. Someone told me you can use food colouring... can this be true? Maybe that's just kids who can't afford the real thing and raid their mum's kitchen cupboard.

I daren't colour my hair because it's grey (well, I prefer to call it silver!) and that means it's very porous, so if I did colour it then I can't just wash it out. It'd have to be permanent... then it grows out and you have to do roots... and keep doing them... all way too much trouble.
But I do think yours looks very good. Although not very pink. Maybe you can buy a real Japanese pink wig!

donimo said...

As for being stared at in Japan, you can count on standing out for many reasons. Two of my friends went to Japan 10 years ago to teach English and found that they were very closely observed wherever they went. They are both almost six feet tall (tall women are a rarity there), one is a red head (dyed)and one is blonde. You'll be a star for your hair, your clothes and your height. I can see by your photos with others that even while sitting your chair, you height is very obvious. Triple threat - danger girl!

On the pink issue: our dog was dyed with Koolaid last October and he is still kinda pink. If you want to try to enhance the colour without harsh chemicals, maybe it would be worth a rinse!

Lisa Harney said...

Yeah, I was thinking about the breakage when I referred to bleach. I would expect Manic Panic or Special Effects to be easier on your hair by themselves than any salon stuff, but I really don't know for sure, and they don't last very long either way. :(

A Bear in the Woods said...

I would so have loved to see you with a pink hair halo, but red becomes you as well.
I envy you your coming trip to Japan.

Maggie said...

M in disguise here...Thanks for passing on the picture. It's probably the only time Cheryl will get to fell tall! Had a great time this past weekend and looking forward to another visit!
As an EMT I have to say I'm quite disgusted at this whole idea that you have to have your file flagged to get adequate care. Don't they have assault/battery laws in Canada? If I treated my patients the way you've been cared for (or not as the case may be) I would be criminally charged!
Go to bed and get some rest!

Raccoon said...

I wouldn't want to be assigned as the sole person getting a woman dressed and showered and all. I mean, move a hand wrong just once and have the client screaming "rape!" It would be my word against the client's, and in civil court the agency would be one of the defendants as well. Just think of the publicity! You know that saying: "any publicity is good publicity?"

Now, I prefer female aides, myself...

Uhm... you know that the Japanese population doesn't really have pink and blue hair, right? Aren't there some characters that have multicolored hair?

'“I am punk crazy and my dangerous sex appeal with corsets overcomes your odd prejudice about wheelchairs” instead of “I am a mature confident woman.” Because quite honestly, that last statement is the LAST thing I want to project. '

How about "I am a punk crazy confident woman with dangerous sex appeal and corsets, overcoming your odd prejudice about wheelchairs?"

Hrrmm. Maybe you should give the night people do chores? What time does the laundry room close? And if she's that hard to wake up, I'm glad nothing important (and emergency-like) happened.

When I was first released from rehab, friends took care of me for the first month and a half. It took that long to convince one of the government agencies that I, at my level of injury, needed more than 30 hours a week of assistance.

For meal time: something I do is have one of my attendants cook up a handful of meals, and put them in the freezer. Then, it's just a matter of popping them in the microwave. Is this something that might be feasible for your aides?

If you're stuck in bed, have you been able to get a monitor & microphone or your laptop so that you can see it?


PS Veralidaine said... "do not ask me why there are pirates in the Renaissance now, but apparently there are" Yes, there were pirates during the English Renaissance. Generally, they were called "privateers." Well, the English ones were, when they went after the French & Spanish. If the English ones went after English vessels, they were called Pirates.

"if someone is getting paid $20 to prepare a meal or $40 to be bathed; you would think the person PAYING would get some choices, eh?" It's not the workers who are getting the $20-$40, it's the agency. The worker is probably getting only about one half to two thirds of that.

Raccoon said...

by the way,

Japan appoints cartoon ambassador

By MARI YAMAGUCHI, Associated Press Writer Wed Mar 19, 10:19 AM ET

TOKYO - Japan has created an unusual government post to promote animation, and named a perfect figure Wednesday to the position: a popular cartoon robot cat named Doraemon.

Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura appointed the cat an "anime ambassador," handing a human-sized Doraemon doll an official certificate at an inauguration ceremony, along with dozens of "dorayaki" red bean pancakes — his favorite dessert — piled on a huge plate.

Komura told the doll, with an unidentified person inside, that he hoped he would widely promote Japanese animated cartoons, or "anime."

Elizabeth McClung said...

Raccoon: (I will finish the rest of the comments in a bit)
Actually the WORKER gets $19.67 per hour unless they are doing overtime, which is $29.29 an hour (the AGENCY gets something like $33 an hour from the government) - during the weeks of care TRAINING, the "to be workers" get $8 an hour each hour of class they show up. Welcome to Canada and to Victoria! (I know that most places in the states it is $6 or $8 or $10 but here it really is $40 they are getting to shower and dress and make me lunch.

Neil said...


Going back to yesterday's blog, this is for everyone except Beth (hope you don't mind, dear):

I spent part of my supper hour at work on the computer, checking up on my fellow CUPE members in Victoria.
It's Cupe Local 410 that's locked out, by the look of it.

For those people in/near Victoria who are NOT going to Japan and who want to spend a little time getting involved, please see where they advertise town hall meeting about pay equity, on March 26 at Fairfield Community Centre, Garry Oak Room, and March 27 at Archie Browning Sports Centre, Crows Nest Lounge.

The Victoria Times Colonist had an article recently that said in part, "the librarians are spending a few hours this week and more next week walking the downtown streets, talking books to people."

Letters to the Union heads will be read, though I don't know if they'll do any good. Write them, though, and let them know how you feel. Especially if you're affected and not going to Japan (that's a Hint, O deposed Squirrel Queen!)

Letters to newspapers get read, too. I'm sending one to the writer of the quoted article. The article is at

Sorry to steal your space, Beth; just trying to help a good cause!

May you have quiet and peaceful dreams of blooming cherry trees tonight.

Raccoon said...


Much different.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Cheryl: I will try your cunning plan, the whole problem is that the "act dim" act works until I get angry and then start asking for a "sentient manager" - only half way through my high powered diatribe, I then GET a brain fog and go, "um, can you remind me why I was mad again."

I will call and ask for it in writing, which will probably just make them put "Don't tell client anything" like they used to with H. the Juan de Fuca Manager.

Kate J: I see these people walking with bright, bright hair and I want to know how they do it becuase quite honestly, I don't have the physical capacity for hanging head down for long periods of time. Nor is my care worker likely to agree to turn her hands blue or pink or green on my behalf.

I do remember that as kids we were always using food coloring and Kool Aid (so much that they stopped giving it to me).

Donimo: yes, I expect to be stared at because people don't go out in wheelchairs in Japan, and certainly not in the places we are going. So I am giving them something to stare at. And Linda at 5'9" or 5'10" is getting her hair dyed BLOND on Friday (she is a dirty blond anyway - oh that sounded rude). Notice how I am NOT asking why you need to dye your dog. Some things are best just mused about.

Lisa: I will look into manic panic but one of the "bright colour" temp things made my hair slightly green for months, which would be good except it was supposed to be BLUE!

A bear in the Wood: Well, I wanted the pink halo, but I have to live with what I have. Sorry. First, have you send an email to so I can send you postcard from Japan? And second - hopefully on this blog you CAN join me in Japan (in like description and pictures if not physically). But I know what you mean - but considering that some people want to send me to Japan in a fridge, there might be a seat ticket available.

Maggie: Just a hint, but you aren't actually "in disguise" if you SIGN YOUR NAME. Hey, Cheryl isn't short, it is just that we aren't quite as TALL as her....for now (as she IS shrinking). I am looking forward to another visit and you aren't going pull that quiet and 'who me, I'm not the brainy one' routine on me twice! We can get you really affordable overnight accomodation (like $50) with breakfast I think, if you are interested. You can email, but until summer, there are lots of chances (the the tourists!). Actually, I will tell you some of the things I heard EMT's saying about patients at the hospital, how they intentially weaved the ambulance to make drunks throw up, I know most of the nicknames they call people (the oversensative hearing), and the other "tricks" they like to play. It is a "boy culture" and the other EMT's in nearby municipalities are ashamed of the way some of these guys treat people. As for females, it is drunk, drugged, or hysterical until proven otherwise.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Raccoon: I have no issue with men per se, if I had the chance to meet one and they became my meal prep person, but hey, my FEMALE care givers give me as much privacy as they can, in regards to washing and putting on bra and such. So yeah, I just can't see how, for a young (and in the Victoria system I am one of if not the second youngest client) female, sending males to just "come in for a showering" or "Come to fill in for dressing" is really NOT a good idea. For me or anyone. However, since there are WAY more females than males in homecare, I don't know what a male would do if they wanted to be only treated my males.

Yes, there are multicoloured hair but it is always the HEROINES who have the pink or blue hair! As well as giant hair bows that NEVER crease or get dirty (I am SO looking forward to finding and buying them in Japan!).

"I am a punk crazy confident woman with dangerous sex appeal and corsets, overcoming your odd prejudice about wheelchairs?" - this does seem to flow with better grammer.

As for the night worker, since she didn't know how to operate the oxygen tanks, I am doubly glad too. I am just tired of being the one to "Test" these people. Sigh. You have regular aides, right?

Actually, it was doorways that was a major problem but now that I have a new smaller wheelchair to go in and out of the bedroom and study, I should be able to get in the kitchen and do microwaving too.

For stuck in bed, have the laptop but the "furniture tech" department is several months behind in getting a "hospital table" to go with the hospital bed and with my heat intolerance, I can't have anything which gives off heat ON me. But things will work themselves day. Meanwhile, I can and have found most of the faces of the presidents in the plaster on my wall.

I always though Ghibli was the popular face of anime - now they have a official representative, will they get a seat in the UN?

Neil: Thanks, the fairfield community center is 1/3rd accessible. Yes it is the 410, but after getting slapped on the hand for trading fines for food for the homeless (yeah, what a crazy idea, one that was super popular and got lots of food for the homeless) - the CUPE officials are being very limiting on what people can do I think.

But I am ALL for the voice of people trying to bring change. And I hope the TC and CUPE listen. Thanks for all your efforts on this.

Lisa Harney said...

Yeah, manic panic has a real talent for quickly fading. Wash your hair once and it's a different color - it's why every shade of red I could get from them turned pink within a couple of days.

Marla said...

I like the new color! Looks pretty. Not as pink pink but that is okay. You may need to wear a wig to go that pink.

VK said...

Pink/Black Geisha wig...