Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No care.....no food?

Well, after waiting 90 minutes called and no one coming today, but they will come Thursday. So I will be able to eat then. Linda is away on a training course, and left her blackberry behind so can't be emailed. Ha ha. This is starting to get funny.


Veralidaine said...

Hmmm.... call pizza delivery, then host impromptu caregiver training by forcing the pizza boy to help you eat?

Neil said...

Excuse me? NO CARE??? Lack of food is contraindicated in most living creatures. How is fasting supposed to help you?

As for the Arsehole GP: the Hippocratic oath states in part: "I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person's family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick."

And I seem to remember "First, do no harm." This jerk is allowing harm to come to his patient by refusing to treat you.

My advice would be to find another set of doctors. However, I realize that's FAR easier said than done.

But you shouldn't avoid pain medications because the doctor's being stupid. As long as they're already prescribed, use them sensibly.

I have had the fun of telling a doctor what I needed. When he found out I was right, the level of care improved quickly, and the specialist I requested moved from an appointment a month away to the next week.

You are in our hearts, Elizabeth. We ALL wish you could have more good days than bad ones.

Dawn Allenbach said...

Is there a friend you can call?

cheryl g. said...

When does Linda get back?

The Juan de Fucup folks are long overdue for some retribution... there is NO justification for canceling your care. If the assigned worker calls in sick or doesn't show then they are responsible for sending someone else.

It does have the making of a good human interest news story...

"Disabled woman left to starve by caregiving agency."

as for veralidaine's suggestion... if you don't want pizza you could order chinese.

Lindsay said...

Aww...that totally sucks!

I like veralidaine's idea...

Katrin said...

OGL!! I was so pissed off at today's 1st e-mail, was trying not to post a comment as I had nothing constructive to say, just wanted to growl and bite that GP! And now this! Good grief!

That little Mexican place you spoke of might be good for take out?

Veralidaine said...

I nominate a nice "General Practitioner Filet" as a backup menu option if you're not feeling like pizza tonight. *grin*

Elizabeth McClung said...

Veralidaine: hehe, this is how we do dating now, I will ask for delivery girl then. But agree that is it well, practical and usefull - but is ruining a perfectly good SNIT.

Neil: With the home support closing down in two weeks, many people aren't showing up for shifts and stuff and apparently the message got messed up or something, but they offered to find someone for me by like 4:00 pm, but I will get my night person to do something. They are in like armaggedon - everyone is calling in sick to use up sick hours, or just not going to work if they don't feel like it and apparently the have the legal right to make a decision on how to allocate care - if they have three workers and 6 people needing care, they make the decision and that is A-OKAY according to the Health Ministry (the three not recieving care are probably not so A-OKAY but they are old and can't talk to many people so what does it matter....(sarcasm)).

Yes, it is amazing how "earning money" or "getting my ego stroked" or "playing God" isn't in the hippocratic oath, but that is (I didn't know, it makes sense, but I have yet to see a doctor who applies it in real practice).

Well, since my GP is swearing now (see next post it today's soap opera), I kind of trust him. And since he says besides being a bit....challenging, he has no problem with me as a patient. And he acknowledges some of the mess ups and that he didn't communicate well why he was urging me to Seattle and other issues. He is now trying to get me moved up from 12 months appointment to next month.

Dawn: Well, last night's caregiver said if I hadn't eaten by the time she got back she would beat me up - so I don't want to call her. No, not the kind of "I'm come and help you eat" friends. Those are all online (is online food the same as real food?)

Cheryl G: Thai! Actually, I know a place that serves halibut nearby, so I might order from them. Do you like Halibut? (known to the world as "Fish N Chips?")

Linsey: I would invite ya to the pity party but I think it is coming to a close. Just having my GP listen to me and answer my questions reasonably made me think "I can hang on another week." But when he says, "I don't understand why you would be in such pain" what can I say, I tend not to understand it, just live it - though as one doctor who reads here says, if you get heart erratics all day (which I do) it is not unreasonable that all of your muscles including your heart and other organs might be oxygen deprived at end of day. Do we totally have to know WHY it hurts so much to treat it?

cheryl g. said...

I love fish and chips with malt vinegar and a good beer.

"Do we totally have to know WHY it hurts so much to treat it?" The answer to that question should always be no. Too bad it usually is a different answer.

So I guess I don't need to "borrow" a boat and head across the Strait yet?

Elizabeth McClung said...

Katrin: that is a really good idea as they do take-out. At least for tomorrow night for when Linda comes back.

Cheryl: No, stay the course, I will send map and maybe we can introduce you to the fish and chip thing (if they are open, they are sort of island famous so of course keep totally erratic hours).