Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Bad day and a distraction

Please talk amongst yourselves; had BAD day which ended with me being picked up by my care worker at the police station at 11:30 pm (Tip: when you desire to get arrested and go to the police to ask for help in vandalizing something (so you can then get arrested), DO NOT pick up the new hacksaw you find outside the police station on the assumption that they must have left it outside and want to return it to the police BECAUSE it turns out that wheeling into a police station holding a hacksaw saying “I want to be arrested” gets you two police officers with guns doing a threat/self harm assessment on you for 25 minutes).

Here, a music video of badminton to remind us of better days.


Elizabeth McClung said...

My care giver just read this and laughed but also chastised me because while she was transfering me into the car I kept saying, "Oh, I'm in for a beating when I get back." which kept getting the police to give her overly-assessing looks (then asked her for her name, birthdate, phone number, etc for their files - she was NOT amused - as she let me know later AT LENGTH).

cheryl g. said...

Great video! It makes me wanna come over and play badminton again real soon.

OK, where was Linda while all this was happening? Do we need to have a "Dealing With Cops 101" refresher?

Here's hoping things (whatever those things may be) get better!

Lene Andersen said...

You did WHAT???

(maybe the prison tats will scare Fran?)

alphabitch said...

Well, but wasn't it kind of nice to be taken seriously as a potential threat, though? I mean, wheelchair & all?

I do hope you'll eventually tell us why you thought getting arrested would be a good idea.

Your 'I'm in for a beating' remark reminds me of the time my grandmother fell on the perfectly flat sidewalk in front of my dad's house. They called 911 and an ambulance & the police arrived very quickly -- turned out her arm was broken. When they asked her how she'd fallen, she nodded at my dad and said, with a straight face, "my son tripped me." And then laughed. My dad was not amused, and neither was the cop, who had to make sure that in fact he hadn't.

Turned out, btw, she had cataplexy, the same thing I have, which makes you sort of collapse and fall over sometimes when you're startled, etc., and you can't really say what made you fall.

Veralidaine said...

Oh my goodness. Beth, what would I do without the quote of the morning to read aloud to my cubicle mate? I log onto your blog every morning and read bits of it to the girl who sits next to me. Then we laugh like hyenas and get strange looks from others in the office.

Gaina said...

**Blinks** WTF!??

You better give a full and frank account of your shenanigans in the next blog, Missus! LOL

Katrin said...

I had very much the same reaction as gaina.

FridaWrites said...

That must be quite a story!

Lisa Corriveau said...

ack! are you more or less okay now?

Elizabeth McClung said...

I think there is a lesson, as I am not really okay as I do not have a wheelchair for Japan, do not have a completely functioning computer due to the "help" I recieved, and am in extreme pain because of going to the police station and my interview there in a hot room got me having extreme spasms and odd colors and I didn't want to whip out my drugs right there as the police station is two blocks from a needle exchange and I was trying to get them to think that I WASN'T high - but big cost today, and all the same problems as yesterday, which I will post this evening about in detail..only now a day later and more pain and I guess a wee bit more frustration as I have poured another several hours into these problems and solved none of them. Ha ha - isn't that the way of it some days/week/months/years.

mental mosaic said...

Yikes! Glad they didn't keep you in the slammer. I, too, am curious to hear the full story.

And, as an aside, I love badminton... I love that silly sproingy noise the shuttlecock makes when it bounces off the racket, y'know? It's not as serious as tennis. It's like the difference between jogging and skipping. Jogging is so serious, but skipping is just fun.

Anyway, please don't brandish anything in a menacing manner near a cop shop again!

Neil said...

"Not tonight, dear, I've had a rough day"?

It's your decision as as to what details to share, but I admit to a great deal of curiosity. For instance, were you in so much pain or depression that you really wanted to be arrested??

And did the caregiver tell the police that since you're a wheelchair boxer, she probably shouldn't try anything so silly, for fear of your reaction getting you both arrested?

So many questions....

As to wheelchairs, why not call the nearest Japanese cultural group or some of the nice folks at UVic (maybe Karen Kobayashi in Sociology Dept???) and ask for advice in how to get a wheelchair, accommodation, etc, in Japan?

Michael said...

Not all police are like the deputy in Florida!

And I have to repeat everyone else: you did WHAT???

What was going on in your mind space that you needed a police record this close to going to Japan?

OT: what was the music on the video?

yanub said...

Elizabeth, the next time you want help with vandalism, find a teenage boy. Surely there must be a young ne'er-do-well in your vicinity, alternating between viewing himself as a supervillian and a superhero. You want one who hasn't been arrested, but still has a reputation, because that's the one who knows what he's doing. In a few more years, that one will also be on the police force, but for right now, he's your man.

I'm looking forward to your 'splaining yourself. Hmm. Maybe I should get popcorn.

em said...

God hon. I'm laughing a somewhat reckless and hollow laugh and thinking you need a handler.

And your poor care giver.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Okay, the explaination is UP - a little long but I think entertaining and completely true (sadly) - the music is "Bad Boy" by Cascada in the video.

I did not "Brandish" a hacksaw - is it my fault the Americans put them in so many horror movies, I was just trying to do a good deed.....before my vandalism, honest!

As for Okay...well, less than more, but I am back to another medico appointment tomorrow, so no, I think one attempt at getting arrested a month is enough.