Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My tribute to Boxing Day (and Coach Ian!): Girl Fight Bout Part II

I know by doing this I am probably ruining the nature of “Boxing Day” forever and next year....I won’t be allowed to keep Xmas (hooray!......I mean, shucks!). But I thought since it was Boxing Day I would give you a video of my coach Ian and I over the course of several weeks as he trains and boxes with me. So there is a music video which mostly just shows me hitting Ian....a lot. And then there are the times he stops and trains me something and the times I work the bag and the times practicing what he has taught me. Then I go out and try on him again. I am wearing a SKULL headband that Linda bought me for training. Now that is love. Coach Ian was a bit...disturbed at first, but then he knows that I am...er....eccentric?

As you can see by the look on my face, I am having a good time and I think Ian is too. By the way I am supposed to be practicing breathing out each time I hit to speed up the hit, so I look like I am saying something which is just “hah! Hah!” or sometimes “Fa! Fa!” whichever. I worked a lot on the video so I hope you like it. The song which fit the timing best was “God is a Girl” a particular DJ version which gets the..um...fighting spirit up (no, not actually announcing my deification, just a good song – turn it up!). Have a happy time off, or shopping. I have to wait another two weeks to go boxing. (Boo!). Also I do have a full screen crystal clear version of the video but is 300 megs in size so if anyone wants it AND knows how I can get it to them, let me know.


Heather said...

I think what I like best about this is the glee on your faces as you whale on each other. (I must be suffering from Christmas music fatigue 'cause I'm getting a lot of Alvin and the chipmunks off the music.)

elizabeth said...

I want to take up boxing. Shit. That looks like fun. I think I'll start calling you Million Dollar Baby.

zara said...

That was pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

No offense though but that song sounds like it is being sung by chipmunks or could it be... squirrels !


KateJ said...

Well, I always did wonder why it was called Boxing Day... now I know! Seriously, glad to see you are still boxing - or will shortly be doing so - as it's so obviously something you enjoy. Everyone to their own!

And to save going back and posting a comment on your previous post, can I say how very much I liked - and agree with - your definition of innocence as a guiding life-principle. Thank you for that.

Gaina said...

I'm so glad to see you've literally 'come out swinging' from your recent journey into what I call 'the pit'.

I would love to try that...hmm, wonder if there's any wheelchair boxing in my area? Or even better, Judo! I like the idea of being able to throw a big guy over my shoulder! :D

Elizabeth McClung said...

Heather: Yes, after almost a year Ian has convinced me that I don't need to apologize and that he can defend himself (since he did box from the age of 7); so I tend to become a bit more animated when boxing him. This version of God is a Girl has some sort of revved up voices but it isn't Alvin as the last recording Alvin did was the 2005 Lonely recording. I just needed a song that was really fast to keep up with us.

Elizabeth: Or you could take up Kickboxing, there is this woman two doors down who teaches women-only "non-contact" kickboxing - Okay with the Million Dollar Baby as long as we skip the part where Ian overdoses me with morphine.

Zara: Thanks, I have the regular version of God is a girl and this one, and when I am wheeling I use this one because it is REALLY amped up - I kind of forgot what it was like hearing it the first time: I was like, "Nice beat but....chipmunks?"

KateJ: Well, in Australia, they did used to hold Boxing Matches, in fact Jack Johnson won his heavyweight title on Boxing Day (I think more because everyone could attend and bring up revenue). Linda said, "See, THIS is why you are in pain for days, because you think you are the energizer bunny."

Gaina: I know that Tae Kwon Do has a wheelchair classification; and with boxing, the coach might say, "No, you can't box from a wheelchair" but hey, now you know you can (and the force of the punch tends to make your chair hop - all that movement is done with my brakes locked).

alphabitch said...

wow!!! Better than icehockey, even.

Marla said...

I am so tired after watching you work out like that! I don't know how you do it! Looks like lots of fun! Your trainer takes a beating!

Lisa Harney said...

Yeah, the chair-hopping was interesting to watch - it was like you were running Ian down. It looked great.

Philip. said...

Excellent video!

Have a lovely New Year :-)

Ruth said...

Great video! It really shows how your chair moves while you're boxing - and how physical the sport of boxing is. Happy holidays!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Alphabitch: thanks, boxing on ice would be interesting!

Marla: I need to work hard to force my body to sweat - which it doesn't do anymore, and I think because that is the type of person I am. As for Ian, he can take of himself; he just likes to give me a challange so it LOOKS like I am being mean to him.

Lisa: Yes, if he would only just STAND STILL I wouldn't need to try to run him down - especially when I get going and I'm like, "Oh no, you're not getting away from me!"

Philip: Thanks! And a happy new year to you too.

Ruth: Er, yes, not everyone in a chair would move AS MUCH as I do; that isn't a requirement in order to box. I just use what I've got while I've got it.

ms.cripchick said...

lol, so this is funny, just looking at the video of you boxing is making my arms tired.