Monday, November 26, 2007

Virgins, Goth Lesbians, Yuri manga, an Ossaury and an XX day.

This is the XX themed post, no, not XXX but XX as in slang for female including all those who experience, identify, share the desires, goals and/or outlooks with what is considered the traditional XX gender, whether XY or not (because there are lots of XY females too, and for all we know, Virgin Mary was one, wouldn't that be a hoot!) Uum....actually there might be a bit of sex too, so hold on the XXX. So basically this post is lesbians, virgins, goths, goth lesbians, yuri lesbian manga, horror, love, a little sex and um....that’s it. XY identified readers and comments are welcome however.

Okay, I bought a new shirt, I think it was from Switchblade Stiletto, but it is the classic Madonna (1 point for the virgin), but redone with skulls (1 point for goth). I decided to go down to the village today. Linda’s sister is holding my black angel wings hostage for reasons I really don’t understand. So I had to wear my black wing earrings instead (not QUITE as impressive). Also my crucifix with tortured torso of flailed ribs and skull nailed to it. And skull headband so I get points for all that; does my skull thong count too or does it need to be seen?

I went to the village to return and get DVDs. I am watching a lot of horror films because, well, they aren’t very horrific to me. I’m mostly yelling at the screen, “Lucky! You think that’s horror, come on, I DREAM about dying like that!” Actually recently I dream mostly about high school and I keep walking into class rooms and the teacher says, “So you are here for the midterm…” And I say, “And this class is?” And it is usually a class I never took like molecular biology or particle physics. I run to my locker. I have 15 minutes to learn the entire course (actually this isn’t as hard as it sounds), only I haven’t got a clue what my combo is. And I have no idea where the office is to get “the lecture” about being more responsible in order to find out what my combo is. That’s been the theme this week in dreams. Which is odd because, for instance I watched SAW last night. When I brought it back they asked how I liked it, “Boring!” I said, “What is it with Americans that they lose their entire moral compass in just SIX hours? You lock up any American for SIX hours and they will do anything?” Plus I can’t quite get into the odd morality of it; how we are supposed to accept that a weird sociopath has the right to judge these people’s lives. I mean, an affair? In France, the President says, “Thanks for electing me, this is my wife and over there…that’s my mistress.” And a doctor who is incompetent, seriously? Have you been in the NHS? Where we lived, there was a old, old doctor who it was proved killed lots and lots of patients because he was incompetent and learned doctoring during WWII BUT since he was the only cardiologist in about 200 miles they decided to keep him on….at least till they could find a replacement.

Oh, I am way off track here. Besides horror films I have been reading Iono-Sama Fanantics. This is a GREAT book, which seems to have been printed by a series of accidents. Basically a manga artist was told to make something that is cute and sexy but really odd because they wanted to print something different than everyone else. He came up with the idea of a queen of a western country who is a total lesbian and comes to Japan searching for a lover. They liked the idea and told him that unlike regular manga, they weren’t going to get reader feedback, he could put whatever he wanted in it. And thus we have Iono, the lesbian western queen (where is this country, I have to go there), who needs more black haired women to add to her harem. She travels with an all female company of staff and after walking the streets with a translation book asking random females “Will you be my escort/lover?” She is not exactly subtle, and bumps into Eto, a long black haired girl with glasses who Iono greets with, “You look absolutely delicious!” Anyway, Eto says that she “doesn’t swing that way” but somehow keeps hanging around. Then in the hot springs they take together (this is manga land remember, these things always somehow happen) it turns out that Eto loved a girl in high school. Only the closer Eto got to the girl she loved, the more that girl fell for a different girl. Thus Eto is convinced that no one who really knows all of her will love her (AWWWWW!). Insert scene of Iono grabbing her breasts to convince her otherwise. Of course Eto is finally convinced and joins Iono as her lover. Only soon she realizes that everyone has a job but her. Iono suggests that she tells “Fairy tales at bedtime”’; or that is what Eto hears, since in Japanese the terms for acting out dirty stories and dirty sex talk and telling Fairytales are pretty much the same. You kind of have to feel bad for Eto trying so hard reading Fairy Tales when you know what Iono is going to be expecting that night. There is a meandering plot as several other members get female lovers (this is sort of Xena world gone wild), and Iono constantly has to be dragged away from her amorous encounters with Eto (who is played as the innocent in this....yeah, right, not for long).

There you go, I made it to the end of the post. Didn’t make a great deal of sense but I didn’t mention pain, disease or other horrid stuff, if you discount the sad state of affairs of the US horror film industry. I cheered myself yesterday by watching Rupert Everett in Cemetery Man (Italian Horror), which includes a rather interesting sexual scene where Rupert, the man who keeps the cemetery during the day and kills the zombies that arise at night, see the woman of his dreams. She rejects him insisting her freshly dead husband (several decades older than her) was such an incredible lover, she can never replace him. Rupert, after several thwarted attempts to engage her in conversation finally blurts out; “The cemetery’s small, but it has a marvelous ossuary!” Truth be told it was a pretty magnificent ossuary (I keep a small one on my desk), but it gets the widow sexually charged in a.....well....mildly disturbing way (at least for me, Rupert seemed to like it fine!). She is in rapture over the ossuary but she insists that when they kiss, that it must be through both her mourning veil and with his head covered in a silk cloth used for covering the corpses. Well since both parties seem to have an erotic necrophilia environment fetish going on, why not? They consummate the sexual act on the grave of her husband because “We always shared everything.” Seriously I can’t condemn a girl who gets excited over an ossuary, I mean who doesn’t. But the comments about sharing sex with your husband after death….time to take a cold shower or reread Iono-Sama Fanatics. Trust me, if all that attracts her about you is a dead body, that’s a relationship which isn’t going to go well in the long term.

So, oops, one XY identified introduced but it is Rupert Everett so…well, that’s allowed. And yes, this post meandered more than lost sheep. Think…think…we need a good finale. I know; I’ll show my skull thong…okay, all ready...oops; Linda just walked in. “What am I doing with this camera and my jeans around my ankles? Trust me, it looks worse that it is…. No, no, I am not revisiting the idea of doing online porn.”

Errr…sorry, I’ve got to go!


Lisa Harney said...

I always suspected that about Saw. I never watched it because of my suspicions, but there you go.

The state of horror films is pretty accurate. The last American horror movie that I saw that actually scared me was Night of the Living Dead. I had hopes for 1408, given that the short story was creepy...but the movie managed to not touch on any of the stuff that made the story readable.

Okay, I admit that the recent War of the Worlds film was disturbing, that was more because the imagery in the film was very much like actual nightmares I've had.

Let me know when you find out which country has a queen who needs a harem. Because, you know, I've got a resume ready.

shiva said...

And i thought you would be making the point that not all women have XX chromosomes... ;)

Gaina said...

That dream is fascinating, and makes a lot of sense to me, bearing in mind what you've been talking about recently. Losing the combination and not knowing any of the classes you're supposed to be studying is like not knowing how to 'be' in your current situation, your familiar life is over and maybe you're not sure how you're supposed to 'do' this - how to manage this new life that nobody prepared you for? The good news is that you can choose to change the end of the dream, this is how congnitive therapy works. The client (you) writes a new conclusion to the dream - you DO find the combination to your locker and you CAN manage the classes you're taking. This doesn't change your physical circumstances of course but this kind of therapy affects your psyche on a very deep level, and what's best you can do it for yourself.

I have not seen any of the 'SAW' movies but my friend is so into them she named one of her Rats 'Jigsaw'. She explained it to me and I think I get it: we're all guilty of something and capable of absolutely anything so be careful how you judge others - morals are so subjective that we can always find even the most flimsy justification for our own actions.

It makes me wonder if the writers researched Stanley Milgram and his experiments on 'Obedience to Authority'. That showed that humans are capable of anything too.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Lisa: I had hopes for 1408 too, mostly because I couldn't believe Cusack would be in a crap film. Who would have thought it turned out to be a "get in touch with your feelings....feel good" movie?

You have nightmares where aliens are buried under your street - that's pretty cool.

And yeah, I have my resume ready too - let me join the harem!

Shiva: Excellent point! I actually got the connection from Linda because it was like 10:00 pm and I said, "I have a picture of me in my new T-shirt with the madonna on it and I have this lesbian manga....and that's it, what's the connection?" And she said, "It's XX, all female focus, all XX." - so that's what I wrote, THEN at like midnight I realized, well that's stupid becuase here I go around writing about XY females all the time so I tried to put a "fix" sentence in with about 1 minute until midnight, which was my post deadline. I think I should have put, "all those who experience, identify, share experience and outlook with what is considered the traditional XX gender" or something similar. But you are too right on catching me falling into mental cliche's EVEN when I know better. Maybe I will go try and edit it now.

Gaina: Well that interpretation makes sense to me, more than the dream did - I don't know why I keep getting high school dreams, I think high school is all about fitting in and meeting expectations of others.

I LOVE the milgrim experiment, I use it all the time (I mean, I refer to it, not actually force peopel to do it again) because it shows that the people quickest to join the crowd condemning a person are also the quickest to join when someone in a white lab coat says, "No, just keep giving them electric shocks".

Elizabeth McClung said...

Shiva: Edited it and now I hope it makes MORE and not LESS sense.

Marla Fauchier Baltes said...

I love your shirt. I am slightly obsessed with icons myself. I have several of them and can't seem to have enough. I also love clothing that pictures sacred hearts and the Virgin Mary. I loved the movie Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo Di Caprio simply for the religious imagery they had. The sacred hearts on the guns and stuff fascinated me.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Daisy: Er?? I have checked my junk and deleted files and the two posts you left on the post a couple days about (about disney stores) were both posted and responded to in comments - I have nothing since then. As to me blocking IP addresses? Wha? Anyone who looked at my blog would know that I haven't a clue how to do that. I have a grand total of three people blocked, all guys and two of them sexually abused me.

On that note however GOOGLE has been telling ME that MY IP is a spam IP and that I cannot use google AND now wikipedia says that I cannot view certain pages because I am a blocked IP - so I thought I would post here becuase, no, I am not offended and if this computer techno stuff is making us thing we are offended (or if anyone else has run into the same problem - I have NO problem with you) - we might have slight different viewpoints becuase I assume we are slightly different humans with different life experiences. But that's actually WHY I come on the net - so I'm sorry that I have such a bad control on my technology that you are getting blocked - I will try to ask Blogger why this is.

As for comments: moderation was enabled because I was getting predator/spam emails and I have withheld a total of 6 comments in the last month: 1 was someone trying to sell a book, using SPAM off the back of the Transgender day of Rememberance (into the pit with you), two had personal information like emails which I wasn't sure the person wanted out in public, 1 was a duplicate and 1was a private message. If you want your message removed because it was private Daisy, please let me know and if anyone is having the same problems - errr, try to let me know somehow?

Elizabeth McClung said...

Duh, now I realize you said it wasn't for public and have now deleted comment but stil left my reply.

Daisy said...

AGHHH! Never mind, I see my comments now. I'm just flaky!

I don't think I could watch the SAW movies now, but I would have loved them when I was in my 20s. Don't ask me why, cause I don't know why I've gotten so much wussier as I've gotten older...

Sara said...

"'What is it with Americans that they lose their entire moral compass in just SIX hours? You lock up any American for SIX hours and they will do anything?'"

You know, I do increasingly believe that this is how the rest of the world sees us, and I find myself ever more hard pressed to argue the point. I mean, I wouldn't say just any Americans, but still.

If I want horror, I just watch Frontline. Real life is the absolute scariest.

Lisa Harney said...

I have dreams with weird cloud formations and storm occurrences, plus alien death machines. Not so much buried aliens.

Anywway, how/why would your IP be set up as a spam IP?

Maybe it'd be possible to get your IP changed?

And yes, my disappointment with 1408 mounts. Maybe I should watch the alternate ending.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Marla: I like it too, and anyone who likes my taste HAVE great taste - and I am not in any way biased, I like to think. When I find more stuff like it, I wear it and take a pic of it too.

Daisy: I only watched it because I was told that "the defendants fight for themselves" because I like Japanese horror because the protagonists try to change things, work hard to make things better (they fail of course) but I can root for them - so I think I was tricked because these people didn't really fight against the wack job who locked them up, they just were like, okay, what does the guy with the deranged mind want us to do now? So, yeah, tricked - I still can't watch things like House of 1,000 corpses - too intense.

Sara: I suspect you were about to slam Canadians, and quite honestly.....go ahead, I found out today the CBC has a disability online column......ONCE A MONTH - so, they need some insulting, I just can't come up with anything good now. And Frontline and other US TV (and commercials) is why I got rid of my TV 10 years ago and just watch DVD's - because I choose to rot my brain with fantasy instead of go to bed with the dread reality.

Lisa: I found this out when I had a online stalker - it turns out that IP's have "bands" which can be assigned, and are the last two to three numbers and are represented as XX in sitemeter and wikipedia displays - so for instance if someone in 999 numbers at the end of IP of your address, then they will block everyone with the first 10 or 12 numbers - I think that is how it works but remember - look at my plain jane blog - am I a techi? Sadly not. But I am guessing that if you get blocked somewhere you are being blocked but someone has assumed your IP or is in your IP range and sending spam (it seems half the world is now sending spam)

Lisa Harney said...

Oh, I know how spam blocking works. I've moderated a forum before, and had to deal with IP banning to block certain spammers. It's frustrating because it also blocks legitimate users.

If you can get your ISP to change your IP sufficiently, you might be able to get around the block.

Maybe if you could mount skulls around your IP range, spammers might be scared off.

Hey, if it works in Diablo 2...

Sara said...

No, I was not about to slam Canadians. Like most U. S. Americans, I don't know that much about Canada, actually, even though I have lived really close to its borders for much of my life and have visited more than once.

Truth? Most of what I know about Canada comes from reading Canadian bloggers!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration... now I have a plan to start my own country, declare myself the lesbian queen, and build a harem.

lilwatchergirl said...

What a great t-shirt. It brings together my religious fetish and lesbian sides. Which could be bad. ;)