Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I sell out (mortality, bah!) but you get goth Angelina Jolie

The word for today is: sell-out. Namely, I have 20 minutes to midnight, I am in crappy post-surgery condition (odd how when all those endorphins go away, you don’t feel as happy? Indeed I feel very anvil-ish right now). So I am will post some happy time night pics tonight and then some REAL content tomorrow. The first is the winning picture of the photo-shop goth version of a real star: do you have any real question who would win?

This morning it took me nine minutes from when I determined and STARTED trying to get up to when my legs dropped over the bed. I had tremors in all four limbs, which hasn’t happened in many months. So I was pretty funky. I managed toilet and then to chair and stayed there until Linda came home to help me move again. I lay down for three hours and took more drugs to kill the pain. Fun, fun, fun. What did I do with my time in bed? I thought about different projects I wanted to do like: Rock climbing and getting a racing wheelchair. I told Linda when she got home how I want to see if the Lions’ club will sponsor me in getting a racing wheelchair for 5K’s and 10K’s. This from person who needed board and belt transfers yesterday and made it a total of 36 feet so far today. Some would say, “Can you make your dreams a bit more...realistic?” Or in the words of my home care worker: “You know you’re nuts, right?”

So here is a little parting image; that what could be better than life lived deliberately AND in rococo style; ahh to be a goth lolita crip, and spend one days drinking tea (with absinthe) in the cemetary. Let’s face it, I have a steady career in languishing ahead of me; well except for the racing, the hang gliding and the tilting at windmills of establishment. See you tomorrow with something a bit more weighty; and thanks for your patience.


Tui said...

Hurray for you and your "unrealistic" dreams! "Realistic dreams" is an oxymoron, after all, isn't it?

Sara said...

Ha! Not selling out. You posted, didn't you? And remained true to yourself in content and style? Yes? Yes?

Some people post YouTube videos every day. And some really lazy people just put up -cough, cough- links to other places when they're tired.

You are doing just fine! Only 23 more to go!

GayProf said...

It seems like dreams are supposed to be unrealistic by definition.

Lisa Harney said...

After your last marathon, you deserve some kind of space-age rocket chair, with anti-squirrel guards.

Plus, gothic Angelina.

So here is a little parting image; that what could be better than life lived deliberately AND in rococo style;

Not much.

The word verification is "mxaptmk." Wasn't that a Superman villain?

Elizabeth McClung said...

Tui: well there are 'dreams' and there is 'pie in da sky' - I wonder which catagory I am in?

Sara: I was all with you and pumped till you hit the "only 23 more to go!" - ug! But Scout Leader, we'll never make the cabin by nightfall?!

Gayprof: I guess, that's a good reminder; but what happens when I accomplish them - does that make me living an unrealistic life?

Lisa: yeah, rococo me! I do like the goth Angelina!