Thursday, November 01, 2007

Elizabeth joins NaBloPoMo 2007 (not the stripper tour)

Hi, back when I was strange and optimistic (and stupid), I signed up for the National Blogging Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). This means I am supposed to write a post EVERY single day. And how am I supposed to do this when I struggle to post three times a week (and do we need 12 posts in 14 days on feeling blue and sucky, I think not!). Well I did say that I needed to give myself a kick in the butt to get back into the game. (I do have a secret plan to make this facinating; secret because if I can’t get it to work and tell you then I will look SO lame).

I will try to not have the “moaning” month and actually have something that is worth the time you spend here reading (which I do appreciate). As a writer, I feel a sense of appreciation that people still read ANYTHING and that they come here expecting/hoping for some sort of experience. I will try to provide that (unless you are here for “dolphin orjies” – that ship sailed; for things like “full vaginal insertion” just hang around, I am sure that will come up again).

In personal news I talked to an anesthetist today who had just returned from a conference which had a talk on people with MSA. It seems that either there are more of us, or doctors are getting better at recognizing the symptoms. We talked and she said that my progression seemed autonomic system heavy, which I agree; and we talked about using biofeedback as a conscious secondary system. It’s all theory right now but basically it is learning how to take conscious control for short times of an autonomous system in order to give the faulty system a break. Anyway, I should end with a joke but I don’t really have one. Hopefully tomorrow I can post pics of some of the cool skull stuff I scored in Post Halloween sales! Have a happy November and see you tomorrow.

Also as an incentive, I will try REALLY hard to respond to every (reasonable) comment - yup, every comment, every day.


kathz said...

I have to admit I'm quite selfishly pleased at the idea you'll be posting more often. Your posts may be challenging and distressing at times, but they are always thought-provoking and usually witty. So your commitment to posting means I get to read your blog every day.

Good luck!

Casdok said...

Im sure you have a weath of material that you can share with us every day!
Am looking forward to it!

Sara said...

I fully support the idea of jumping into silly pursuits like this as just another way to kick The Disease in the ass. I envision a scenario something like this:

"Ha ha, Brain Melter! You thought you had me in your evil clutches -- and, okay, you do, but look! I'm still POSTING ON MY BLOG!!!

"Take that, evil crud! Ha!"

Also, the rules don't say you actually have to write something. You just have to post every day. You could just post a different picture of Linda or some anime/goth chick every day and still "win."

Elizabeth McClung said...

Kathz: I think the only appropriate response to that is: "Duh....wha? Me write real good?"

Casdok: Oh, I'm sure I do too, I just doubt much of it will be used and I will natter on about nothing instead.

Sara: My grandmother, who went blind used to socialize by what I call "verbal radar" in that she just talked and talked until someone said something back and she knew where they were - you literally couldn't shut her up - I sort of see myself in that role, not exactly a giant moral victory, more a sending sonar into the darkness.

Sally said...

Love the image of your grandmother talking and hooking people in. Bless.

Blessings for you too in your endeavours,

Lisa Harney said...

I picked an easy topic for NaBloPoMo: I'm talking about transphobia, and the material writes itself.

And wow - the locum and now an anesthetist actually know stuff and are willing to say so. It almost sounds like you're dealing with some other National Health Care system all of a sudden.

zara said...

FWIW, I read all your writings and, like kathz, I am selfishly pleased to learn you will be posting every day.

I know it may not seem like much to know this, but I am awed by how much you are willing to share with us and look forward to every single word.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Sally - yes, that particular grandmother could literally talk for six or seven hours just to ensure that people were still around her - a talent I have sadly inherited (since it now causes oxygen depro - and Linda will say, "I thought you were going down for the count there")

Lisa: yes, just let me know if you run low as BC has some of the worst record on trans rights - the last t-woman killed here was on a date when her t status came out, she was chased, caught, tripped, and stabbed repeatedly to death - the verdict was "accidental homicide" from the jury on the basis that they guy did what "any other person would do in the circumstance" and thus couldn't be held accountable for his actions - I think he got six years which was less than if he had done the same actions to a dog.

Zara: It does seem a lot to know that you read and that after reading you STILL WANT MORE? Eeeeek!

Lisa Harney said...

Yes, I think a strong indicator of how much oppression a particular minority experiences is tied directly to how disposable their lives are - and the whole "tranny rage" thing appears everywhere from courtroom defense to jokes on national TV - jokes which, if they were about women or people of color, would get people like Jimmy Kimmel immediately fired. But if they're about trannies, well, darn, we just get a lukewarm apology.

Thank you for the BC pointer. That specific crime is exactly why hate crime legislation is needed, because otherwise, well.