Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Blog hits milestone and gets a Starbucks franchise.

The news for today is Screw Bronze (that THIS BLOG for the slightly dim) has passed 100,000 hits which either means I’ve been visited by over 100,000 people or 100 people a thousand times (or sitemeter is total crap and I've been visited by many more people - ha ha!). Though, from recent searches of “screw people in wheelchairs,” “woman knee balls” and “slept with a lot of guys” (and the ever popular “men with waxed balls”) I can only hope this site has satisfied all who find it in all the enjoyably twisty ways. There is some small pleasure in knowing enough people have read my blog to populate a town large enough to warrant a Wendy’s, six Starbucks, ten Subways, two Denny’s but not yet large enough to interest Walmart (or IKEA).

What I do find mildly disturbing is that on average 1 in every 10 people who come to Screw Bronze for WHATEVER reason click on my profile. I mention this 1) because compared to people like Zephyr I don’t particularly have a clickable profile picture (and due to nature and the limitations of photoshop I doubt I ever will). 2) There are some really strange searches that bring people here; to be honest the majority are not the sort of searches you want to introduce at a family dinner, and MOST of the really odd ones immediately click on my profile and my picture (For instance the most recent search: "rape scene fairground father".....clicked on my profile). So any time someone recognizes me from my blog in real life I’m afraid or worried they will go, "I know you, everytime I google "naked lesbians with swords" I see your face!" (just one of the few google seaches I am #1 for, like "self harm goth lesbian": I'm #1 AND #2 for that search). Actually while we're on non sequitur subjects, can anyone explain why my post on Neurological Fatigue was almost immediately translated into GERMAN? And added to a Health show?

Still, Screw Bronze reached a milestone and is around (in a clinging and needy sort of way) in spite of all my self-destructive attempts otherwise. And I am still around too. So....PARTY TIME! Please follow me up the staircase to the party (just play along that I am a) AB for the night and b) actually look that good in a corset! (Oh, I look good, just not THAT good)


Lisa Harney said...

When I started my blog, people would post about it and say that the about page wasn't about me...so I added one that was about me, which is now the third most-often viewed page on my site.

Of course, I've had 1/40th the views you have, so generalizations are dangerous.

For me, I always check the about page. I'm really nosy that way, for some reason...and most people have sucky bios. :)

I haven't hit the point where any actually juicy searches come in. The most horrifying so far is "mary daly" "janice raymond"

Plus: Yay, corsets!

The Goldfish said...

I may have told you this before (I am very proud of the fact) but I am Google's #1 for antidisestablishmentarianism kiwi - and people have come looking. But I have the same; lots and lots of weird sexual searches. There was one post I wrote about writing about sex which, with the comments, contains lots of sexual words and that seems to invite more hits than any other post. Then there are all these folks who want to see goldfish swallowing pornography?

As far as your profile picture is concerned, that's human nature; we are drawn to the picture of another human being and we click on it. We're so used to getting our first impressions from appearances that we're hungry for a face. I'm sure I do that a lot, regardless of what I've come looking for.

Marla Fauchier Baltes said...

Congrats! I love your blog. How can you tell how people find your blog...by what searches? I am interested in finding out how to do that with my blog. Thanks!

Sara said...

I always click on people's profiles when I first visit their sites, and sometimes afterward if I need an e-mail address or want to see if they have any other blogs. Or sometimes I just want to see what the picture looks like blown up, if a larger version is even available, because we old folks with macular degeneration and seven-year-old eyeglass prescriptions can't always parse the itty-bitty thumbnails.

Doesn't everyone do this?

I do not wade through all the favorites and silly questions Blogger offers, though.

em said...

Yeah, some of the searches I get creep me out.

Hey, I didn't mention it the other day, but the park/squirrel pictures were great. Nicely color balanced. I mention it because you guys are such camera whores and all.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Lisa: The "correct answer" for why people who come here googling, "Using sword to itch vagina" click on my picture is because I am smoking hot. That's what I tell myself. As for sucky bios, I used to have a nice interesting one and then one day decide to wipe out my blog entirely starting with my bio, then with everything under the Title and worked my way down - I still haven't gotten around to repairing it all. Yay, corsets!

Goldfish: Well, your actual blog pic I don't click on because it doesn't have your FACE (unless you are a feline or a small goldfish?). Since I have written on incest, suicide, sexual abuse, rape trails, LGBT issues, swordfighting, our annual naked bicycly ride and vibrator shopping (and yes, one post on Ojo: the gay dolphin of New Zealand and Dolphin Orgies), I get a lot of interesting matches. I did go to check I was still number one on self harm goth and self harm goth lesbiand and found I was now number one AND number 2. Wow, I am an expert now?

Marla - if you go to the absolute bottom of my page, you click on a little thing called "Sitemeter" and they will sign you up and get you a "tag" to put on your site (since your blog looks WAY more computer literate than mine, I assume this will be no problem) which will tell you: number of people, how they got there, how long they read, what their outclick was, etc.

Sara: great, because I am so lazy I don't think I have any favorites? I mean I do, I haven't been bothered to put them down.

em: thanks - it was a sunny day but we were shooting in the shade so I am glad they came out well, I'll pass that on to Linda as I guess after the first 20,000 pics or so you get the hang of it.

Donimo said...

Wow, congratulation's! I actually haven't looked at how people are finding my site, but since I haven't as yet mentioned anything sexual, I don't think there will be anything too outlandish... though, who knows, I did write about that gastroscope being shoved down my throat!

But seriously, way to go. You write a mean blog and it deserved to be widely read.

Zephyr said...

What's so clickable about my profile pic?

Elizabeth McClung said...

Domino: don't worry, even the most ordinary can become a strange google search like: "how to stuff candles down my pants" - thanks!

Zephyr: Young, nubile, femme with pigtails, leopard skin cat ears and paws - rawr! Seems pretty darn clickable to me!

Zephyr said...

Well, I think yours is pretty darn clickable too. Young redhead, looks strong and powerful, intelligent, with nice breasts and hot gauntlets covering strong arms...come on!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Okay, I can dig that - I just am looking for more of those threesome offers (from non-creepoids) - don't have to take them, just you know, little sexual reaffirmation.

Lisa Harney said...

Of course, once people are here, they click on your smoking hot picture. I know I did.

I live in fear of accidentally wiping my blog, and I have all my stuff offline, too.

Zephyr said...

Well then. I'll have a threesome with you! And I'm sure I can round up a third.

rachelcreative said...

Well you deffo have had more visits than your site counter because I read your posts on an RSS feed. I try to click on one every time I read something new to show up in your stats ;-)

My top search hit seems to be "Crazy Fluffy Hair" because I did a drawing called that. I am so sad to disappoint the fluffy afflicted - but can only hope my own frizz helps them to know they are not alone. It's not a very noble cause but hey ho. ;)

kathz said...

Congratulations - definitely a milestone. And I read profiles a lot too - just like reading the author's details on a novel.