Sunday, June 03, 2007

Making/snorting pixie sticks and other fun stuff (like stalkers!)

Life is serving me crap this week so I guess I should buck up, see the bright side and turn that crap into....crapaide? I never really got that whole lemon and lemonade metaphor thing; since lemons don’t make lemonade, not without a wackload of sugar they don’t. And if I had a wackload of sugar, I would have made pixie sticks and be bouncing off the walls so I could care less if life is trying to deliver me lemons. Maybe it should be, “If life gives you lemons, eat/snort a bunch of pixie sticks and soon you won’t be able to concentrate on anything at all.”

Ever have the most horrific break-up/life disaster and then try to listen to people talk about how “Then, it turned out Jake bought me the WRONG diamond bracelet, my life SO sucks right now!”? And at best you are trying not show how much you don’t care and at worst the police are trying to pull your hand off her windpipe? That’s kinda how I feel about a few subjects right now (politics, religion, humanity, celebs, the news, etc). And since this is my blog and my space to get all broody, then if I want to play “Paint if Black” 100 times at 2:00 am, that’s what I’ll do! (among other things I spent 6 hours a day on the phone for two days to find out that my wheelchair dealer Motion Specialties has lied to my face for six straight weeks including telling me on four to five different days that my chair would “definitely” arrive – though on two of those days, the wheelchair hadn’t even been built yet; then they called the wheelchair manufacturer to block me; “We have been informed not to give you any information”; and at the end of it, due to the change in the US and Canadian Dollar in the last two months, Motion Specialties are going to double their profits and they have an exclusive contract with Tilite. I can’t cancel the order...and I still don’t have the chair). Plus I’m having a major case of the “why me?”

But that’s boring! No more talking about that, let’s talk about high school girls, bands, know, fun stuff! First there is the Japanese Film Warau Michael (or Arch Angel or St. Michael’s Academy) which manages to stuff every obsessive Japanese thing into a single film: Private school girls, cute eyeglass wearing girls, Lolita girls, nuns punishing cute schoolgirls, etc. Basic story is common girl gets accepted into elite academy; she is found out eating Raman by two other girl who are secret commoners as well. They bond, they find secret powers and fight evil. The lead song is done by a Japanese band called Metalchicks (if I need to explain the composition band, just go bang your head on a wall a few more times....until it makes sense). Their video for the movie is here; and though they are cute, the movie and the song is boring. This is bad, as there is a giant hole in modern film; good films with Japanese girls bonding with in Lolita/goth/lesbian aspects. We already have Kamikaze Girl (which has been watched, and rewatched), we or specifically I need more!

Thankfully this month the Japanese girl band film Linda Linda Linda was released in North America by Viz. The title is the most famous song of the super hit band The Blue Hearts, an independent Japanese punk rock group from the 80’s which sold millions of records. The western equivalent would be putting out a movie called “Smells like Teen Spirit.” The lead singer of The Blue Hearts, if he was performing in the west, would have been pulled off stage by the police to be tested for what appears to be the massive amount of drugs in his system. However, he is just doing “ganbatte” the japanese word meaning “Do your best” which is something the girls in Linda Linda tell themselves; a Japanese concept of giving it your all. If you want to see the Original Blue Hearts performance, click below and notice the lead singer’s flicking tongue syndrome, not to mention his “erratic” movement and facial expressions (basic lyrics are "I'm not a rat, I am a thing of beauty, I will find the beauty in me").

Japanese films have a way of expressing emotions that are almost inexpressible (if you don’t believe me, watch Quill, the award winning film about a seeing eye dog from the point of view of the dog’s life, from pup to old age - I dare you to watch it without becoming emotionally involved!). Linda Linda Linda is about that last year in school and how everyone expects you do to things and you want to do things and are scared to do things and how the best experiences often are the unplanned ones. In the film there is a cultural festival and a female band has promised to play, but with only three days to go, the guitarist breaks her fingers and the other two best friends are having one of those “both strong willed” pointless fights. So the lead singer tells everyone she will learn to play the guitar (in three days) and they say they will ask the next girl that goes by if she will be lead singer. Soon, a Korean exchange student with poor Japanese walks by. When confused, she bows and says “yes!” Want to be in a band? Uh....Yes! Want to be the lead singer? Uh...Yes! Later they explain what she just agreed to. The film is about the three days the girls spend together, starting from a total disaster, practicing through the nights and finding this odd close friendship of just being together; that odd feeling from high school you almost never get again. There is, of course, the teacher trying to encourage them, who they totally ignore and emotionally trample in the way teens do. Teacher: “ my day......the cultural see.” Girl obviously bored, “Is that all? Can I go now?”

Performance day and there are a few disasters, including rain, proclaimations of love and a missed bus. However, the rain ends up packing the usually empty hall so now this never before played anywhere band has a full house, and Soon has stage fright. If you have ever: been in a band, performed something at high school, made sudden friends during an emotional event, are female, and/or are in or remember high school then this is likely a film you will enjoy (sorry, nary a goth girl in sight, however, wet school girls galore!). Take a chance, these four girls did.

As for me, Today I have been watching the New Zealand film Nemesis Game which uses UK and Canadian actor’s and is set in Canada. It won four awards, a big win for Jesse Warn who wrote and directed the film and has the basic theme of “bad things happen to very smart but slightly damaged girls.” It is about riddles, and ways of looking at things and the whole “Why me?” question. This is a film for those who like to be brain stroked as his film is patterned on the life of a Buddhist monk who split off to study enigmas and the belief that all random things can be understood if one faces enough riddles (sort of a western interpretation of Zen Buddhism’s use of the Koan). I think I may have missed the point when being “intellectually stalked” sounds pretty good to me right now (leads to insanity or death you say…so, not a long trip then?). How do I sign up?

P.S. - send more pixie sticks!

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mudhead said...

OK,having stumbled upon your fun blog while searching for lesbian vampires (I had a reason, really, I wasn't just, you know, being a perv) I would gladly send pixie stix, having rotted my teeth with enough of them in my youth.

Just wanted to say I really enjoy your entries...will continue visiting and reading!!!

KateJ said...

I'll definitely have to spend less time blogging and more time watching Japanese movies...
And what is a pixie stick???

Elizabeth McClung said...

Mudhead: we all have good reasons for looking for lesbian vampires - I hope you found the comic link to the "erotic adventures of Evil Willow and buffy" in my blog - those are fun.

Besides wondering if that is YOUR GF in your blog photo the more pressing question becomes "Who is taking the photo? "Hey honey, don't mind Larry while we have sex, he's just doing some blog stuff for me."

Katej: Did you see that guy do the tongue flicking in Blue hearts? - always a good start to the day. Pixie Sticks are long tubes filled with flavoured sugar, you can rip the top but many simply rip the bottom and let the sugar fill the mouth - for kids, it is the equivilant of speed - next time you want to get back at some couple you hate, babysit for them and give the kids a couple pixie sticks 10 minutes before you leave - they will be talking so fast by the time the parents return noone can understand them anymore.

kathz said...

I'm glad katej asked about pixie sticks - there may be equivalents here but I don't know what they are. I remember favourite sweet indulgences of my childhood: Bassett's sherbert fountain (sherbert sucked slowly through licorice), and twirly barley-sugar sticks and a kind of hard toffee flavoured candy in a long twirly stick with chocolate in the middle - can't remember what it was called. But the pleasure of these, so far as I can remember, was how very long they lasted. In my memory they lasted for up to an hour but probably I was just spaced out because of the kind of additives that are now illegal.

I'm a bit too tired for a coherent comment. It's been one of those days where as soon as I start doing one thing, five other things turn up and insist they were urgent. At the rate I'm going I shall sit in my chair dreaming about being asleep and then wake up to find out it was all a dream - or something like that. But I wanted to post something if only to say hallo and good luck.

belledame222 said...

she is found out eating Ramen? confuzzled.

I would like some of the Harry Potter-verse candy, from whatever the store is called. Sugar quills and so forth. or Wonka chocolate. a chocolate river would come in handy.