Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hello Kitty Guitars, FIFA gay action and gothic oblivion

Today’s posts are about fantasies, desires and three different ways those play out. How am I going to combine: the FIFA football, Hello Kitty, Gothic oblivion, guys making out with each other and guitar goddesses? Wait and see...

If you want to know how far girl power has gone, stop looking at the lingerie made for 8-10 year olds (who though THAT was a good idea?), and start looking at guitars. Girl bands are nothing new, neither are girls playing guitars. But 10 years ago when they did the stats, they found that 96% of guitars were purchased by men. Shortly after that, retailers figured out that the one group which had the largest untapped buying power was.....girls. Tish Ciravolo’s baby daughter drew a daisy, Tish added a neck and leafy headstock to the picture and took it to her husband, President of Schecter Guitars and Daisy Rock was born. Personally, I’m a favorite of the “Pixie” series. Last year Daisy Rock Guitars made sales of $2.4 million with guitars that girls, even little girls WANTED to be seen with (this ain’t your brother’s old guitar anymore).

Now Gibson has put out their Les Paul Vixen and Goddess lines.
Fender has put out an entire range of Hello Kitty Guitars (which I sorta want just to freak people out: babe in wheelchair with her rotating skull wheels, her goth shirt and her....Hello Kitty Guitar! The guitars are also custom made to be lighter with necks a bit more slender to fit girls. So, it is an idea late in coming but now there is actually a choice (and if you’re a little boy who just HAS to have the Power Puff guitar, then rock on!), and hey, choice is a good thing when it comes to dreams.

And with the FIFA junior world cup along with other football/soccer action, what better way to celebrate it than with a video of intimate male to male moments. This video is about male SLASH (the creating of a romance between two favorite male characters) out on the FIFA football field. Only watching this video, one is not quite convinced that these guys are just “excited”, or rather, they are very excited, so excited in front of 50,000 people they grab their best friends butt, give him a deep kiss on the mouth, leap atop of him and..... Talking about football and this video one guy tried to explain this “male” phenomenon, that yes there an erotic charge from the sport itself “they love each other, there is erotic excitement between”, but it is from the height of the moment and excitement of a goal they have all worked hard for....but they’re not gay. Okay, excited, check; erotic excited, check; they ‘love’ each other; check; overcome by emotion; check. But not gay......yeah, I guess there are some things us women will never quite understand about male bonding. Anyway, watch the vid, it is sensual, romantic AND sporty!

Okay, now we get to the gothic darkness. Most guys like to see action films or trailers for films like Aliens or Predator and watch horror films going “Yeah, get em, yeah!” But you show them the trailer YOU like, for instance one about the deep darkness within the series Elfen Lied, and how your breathing gets quicker as you watch the girl walk naked toward the police, her mental powers ripping out their hearts as she approaches, their bodies thrown aside, and you are getting a little sexually excited huskily whispering; “Darker, make it darker!” And these same guys just turn and look at you with this really freaked out expression and say things like, “I am NEVER falling asleep while around you.” Anyway, if you have ever felt that it would be nice to see the entire city burn even if you were in it, then this is the trailer for you. Or if you want to find out WHY God never once answered my daily prayers for the power to move things with my mind, watch this video. And have a nice day……nice.


hazel said...

My fantasy girl guitar

Elfin, wow. I'm going to have to view a few more of these. I think her ears are really cool too.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Cool, like that guitar - I want to get the emily strange mug - the one where all sorts of stuff and smoke starts appearing on the mug if you have a hot drink in it - they reviewed it in Gothic Beauty - course I want the Armour too but that's like $1500 for a breastplate so.....hmmmmm waiting.

I like the ears - I like the idea of making people explode who make fun of me at parties too...oops did I say that out loud?

GayProf said...

What? Sports homoerotic? Never! Can't you tell the difference between hot man-on-man action and hot man-on-man action with a football?

I have often contemplated redoing my entire apartment in Hello Kitty! But then I take my medication.

Txotxo-Ana said...

Mmmmmmm cool guitars...