Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back soon; after I have finished spreading confusion

I will be busy with medical tests for the next day or two; which I think will a learning experience for everyone. Linda says my Doctor is finally starting to get it. He asked how much valium I was on when I got the needle and how long it took. Linda told him and said "It was not bad, even with the screaming."

"She screamed?" He asked looking surprised.

"Loud and long enough for the whole wing to hear."

The Doctor got that look on his face. The one where it clicks and inside he is saying, "Oh, she has a needle PHOBIA."

So one more medical personnel down, a couple hundred thousand to go.

I was talking to the people who are putting the Holter Heart Monitor on me in the morning to find out if it records higher than 240 beats per minute.

"That would never be needed," the receptionist tells me, "What age are you?" (I tell her), "There is no way your heart could beat that high."

"It did for over 10 minutes less than 36 hours ago." I tell her.

Long shocked silence. (This is doing my moral a ton of good - I mean, you are putting a heart monitor on me - maybe it is because my heart is doing something it isn't suppose to? Please stop looking at me like that.)

Later that day a guy tells me he had the same symptoms as me, including feeling great while his heart rate was over 200. "The doctor told me that the way my heart was enlarging, I would have been dead in another three weeks." He finishes his story and gives me a smile. I think this is like pregnancy; people find out and then start telling you the horror stories of 61 hours in labor.

Anyway, just because I'm off getting my chest sanded down (that's not kinky talk, just for the heart monitor), you should be larking, I know I would be on a dreary day in Feb. (If you aren't having a dreary day, think about how your taxes are coming up; that should set the mood). So here are two youtube music videos for you: They have little to no redeeming value except that a) they have LGBT content so that's good b) by watching them, you aren't thinking about taxes (or rain, or your car troubles...) and c) Music and pretty!

The first is called "We are Girls who like Girls" and sounds like it is some sort of school song from 1960 - except it is about falling for a girl who teaches gym class (and yes, there are shower scenes).

Next is the slightly enchanting/amusing video to the anime Princess Princess from a british group with the strange odd accent as the guy who sings "'enry the Eighth, I am." Princess Princess is about a boys school who with so much free ranging testosterone, a few "pretty" boys are selected to be a Princess for "school spirit." Of course, after getting the boys in the lolita clothing, why is it they start kissing each other? Ah well, the logic of anime world, eh? Enjoy!


kathz said...

Good luck!
At least the guy who told you about his heart rate was alive - at least I assume he was - and that has to be a (relatively) good sign.

I'll be looking forward to your return to blogging.

Wiccachicky said...

I hope your tests end up figuring out what is going on!!! Take care.

GayProf said...

They call it "practicing" medicine for a reason. The doctors will just keep trying until something works.

I hope that you are doing fine.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Wait a mean they are just "practicing"? Do they have anyone who knows what they are doing - how about Doctor Who, I hear he is pretty good.

The Holtor Test is done - Results back on Tuesday Earliest.

Sober @ Sundown said...

Good luck with the test results. Keep us posted.

kathz said...

lovely to see you back and blogging - you'll be in my thoughts today in Meeting