Saturday, January 27, 2007

Week's End: from breasts to massage and back again

A few of our conversations from Friday; snapshot from a typical North American household:

#1: Kate Winslet’s breast

Beth: “I watched part of Ricky Gervias’ series Extra today, the first episode had Kate Winslet having a “girl talk” with a film extra teaching her how to “talk dirty” on the phone.”

Linda: “Mmmmmm?”

B: “It was interesting, I never really knew what “talking dirty” was. It’s saying things like, “Oh, I'm all naked and I’m rubbing myself.””

L: Has look on her face which asks, “So this is “important research” is it?”

B: “Anyway, it ended with Kate Winslet grabbing her breast and flicking her tongue in and out.”

L: “Uh huh....”

B: “Well...uh...anyway....I liked it.”

#2: Beth’s job prospects

B: “Business Week magazine says 75% of employers google their interviewees. Do you think they googled you for the manager’s job at the government?”

L: “No, I think they are too busy to bother googling anyone.”

B: “What would they find if they googled you anyway? Not much.”

L: “No, they’d find lots, like all those classes I taught (on international business).”

B: “Know what my employeer would find if they googled me? A guide to masturbation. Do you think that would help me get the job?”

L: “Uh....It depends what job you were applying for.”

B: “I think the only qualifications I have left are to sell sex toys.”

#3 : Erotic getaway

B: “So Seattle wasn’t really the erotic getaway was it?

L: “No. I think because of all know.”

B: “Tournaments. Yeah. Though we did go to Victoria Secret.”

L: “Yeah.”

B: “And I gave you that foot massage, remember, with the massage oil.”

L: “That was nice.”

B: “Except afterward you just kind of lay there....and then went to sleep.”

L: “I was really tired.”

B: “I know, I was just know...reciprocity?”

L: Perks up, “Oh, are you saying you want a massage this weekend?”

B: “This weekend? Oh...uh, I dunno, I'm really tired....let me think about it.”

Linda sighs.


Anonymous said...

If that business about googling propective employees is true, then I can only get jobs in Porn or Government.
Same dif...

GayProf said...

Selling sex toys is a growth business.

I am not sayin', I am just sayin'.

Wiccachicky said...

hahahaha - I so feel the "I'm tired" thing. Hard to get out of a funk like that in January.