Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A day in Victoria: transit, male groins, VD's

Yesterday, after I filled a prescription at the doctor’s, I headed toward the bus shelter because it was raining, and walking endlessly in the rain without an umbrella doesn’t hold the excitement now that it did when I was five. About a half block from the bus shelter, I see two women bolt simultaneously out of shelter. Getting closer I see that there are two “colourful” guys in the shelter; they have facial hair of various sorts, look to be in their fifties, don’t wash too often, may be drunk, bachelors, homeless or any combination thereof. This, I think to myself, is a case of stupid guys harassing women, something I had just been talking about to the doctor. I told him, that no more guys rubbing up against me in supermarkets or yelling out things about seeing me in tennis outfits; I have a freakishly muscled fencing arm and any guy who gives sass is going to get it back double.

But getting closer I see that the sleazy/creepy guy with the goatee standing has his pants unzipped; not only unzipped but he has both hands down inside the unzipped pants and he rocks and gyrates around. His elbows are swinging, his hips are rocking; this is a guy with very busy, whole body occupied hands. I stop in the rain. Am I going into a bus shelter with a guy with both hands down his pants busy in some sort of prolonged activity? What would assertive Beth do? Assertive Beth would hit him with a stun gun, if such were legal. But right now, I am unsure what disturbs me more, squeezing into the bus shelter with him, or challenging him and even worse, having him TAKE HIS HANDS OUT – cause, I KNOW where those hands have been. I cross the street and keep walking, I really don’t need public transit THAT badly.

Later that night, as I’m getting off the bus at Vic West, a car of four guys cruises by and one of them yells out, “Got Crabs?” This appears to be the Vic West version of “You so pretty, me wanna play naked twister with you.” (In the same way I found out last week on Halloween that having someone throw a lit firecracker at you is just a “Hi, welcome to the neighborhood”) Now while those sex ed classes about being careful about sexual disease and vermin have done a good job, I personally prefer a different approach to that question, like maybe buying me a whole lot of drinks first before screaming the question over sound of the DJ at a club. Anyway, I actually was left speechless, without a witty retort (if you know a good retort to a group of guys asking if you have crabs, please let me know), which is a rare and personally disturbing occurance.

That's all, just wanted to pass on another normal day here in Victoria and do what I can to promote the Victoria Tourist industry, reasons Victoria IS the cool daytripping destination and the excitement available to you through public transit.

P.S. - No, I don't have crabs.


Penny Painkiller said...

The only answer to guys asking obscene questions is of couse to smile sweetly and say: "May you die horribly."
And of course stun guns are illegal. Hit them with pepper spray instead.

Anonymous said...

Just reply "No , I haven't been with you"