Sunday, October 08, 2006

Zed gets a review; VCON gives me life lessons

I have returned from VCon, of which I will give full details on the morrow. I will say however that is was a learning experience of which two new life rules come to mind: 1) Never talk about Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in the same sentence at a Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention unless you want the excitement of trying to escape people screaming abuse at each other in near riots and 2) When on a panel, never acknowledge the guy in the black faux SS uniform waving his riding crop in the air to ask you a question.

Rain Taxi, a print and online literary journal based in Minneapolis/St. Paul has printed a review of my novel Zed which makes me want to take the reviewer, Rod Smith, out for a drink:

“So what's to stop some intrepid director from giving the novel the cinematic treatment it so richly deserves? Well, remember what David Cronenberg said about Naked Lunch: a literal film version would cost a billion dollars and be banned in every country in the world. Zed wouldn't cost half as much, but would easily be twice as banned--if only for the nail gun scene and its aftermath.”

Just so you understand, in MY view of the world, that’s high praise.

The one thing I’ve come away from this weekend with is a confirm conviction that while I will do my best to write as well as I can from and for an unspoken voice, it is due to a wide range of people that this is in any way possible. So, thanks to the many, many readers who liked and passed along Zed, in the truly excruciating 14 month process between when Arsenal became “interested” to when they “accepted” the book (how many different approval boards can an independent publisher have? You’d be surprised). Thanks to anyone who bought the book. Double thanks if they read it. And my genuine affection for you if you recommended it. Every year there are 170,000 books published in English. That means, as a reader, you are the elementary school softball captain, and there are 170,000 faces bouncing up and down going “pick me, pick me!”

Let's just say that those Elementary school days were never good for my moral or self esteem. So thanks for picking me (buy two copies, you know this is just the kind of book your Grandmother wants for Xmas! Donate extra copies to Nuns!).


elizabeth said...

Nice review! Though - your hard work and finished novel deserve the praise.

Wiccachicky said...

I put your book on my amazon wish list, so hopefully it will show up as a birthday or Christmas present. :)

kathz said...

did you liberate any freebies? did you find anyone to stab? or (given your c.v.) assassinate?

I'm looking forward to the full report.

Yoga Korunta said...

Elizabeth, Zed needs to be a film!

Sober @ Sundown said...

Were you able to steal anything for me? Any cool swords?

Hey, don't u have a PHD? Amazon needs an update on your bio.

Looking forward to the tales from Vcon.

GayProf said...

I can't imagine the v-con and eagerly await news of it.

The nail gun scene? I am going to have to read this book, aren't I?

funchilde said...

nail gun scene? yeah, my interest is piqued. this sounds like something quentin tarantino and uma thurman need to have on their radar screens! congrats on the review!