Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Impressed by nature's wonder; wonder what's wrong with humans.

The good news is I saw a humpback whale (or two) surface three times yesterday beside the ferry while coming back from the US. Combine that with the saw-whet owl I saw at twilight last week near the cathedral (something perhaps to do with the massive amounts of squirrels in my area, perhaps) and I am thumbs up for animals.

Humans however, collectively piss me off no end. The Canadian government has been apologizing AGAIN for having illegally handing over a Canadian citizen to be detained and tortured thanks to the CIA. While the Canadian government still doesn’t seem to find a problem with the fact that instead of handing over their citizens to be tortured so the USA is safer, they might try helping their own citizens feel safer (from say….being tortured under US orders). But no, they apologize because they now realize that just because a) the US says someone is a terrorist and b) they are male and of Arabic ethnicity, it doesn’t actually mean they always are a terrorist, and maybe they should have investigated themselves. Gee….sorry, but, as the RCMP commissioner and man originally in charge made haste to point out; I’m not quitting my job (though I made terrible, terrible mistakes!).

Watching Ken Burn’s nine part documentary of the US civil war one can’t help but notice the strange difference between a conflict to ensure that all people’s are free and equal, and one where the stated purpose is to keep the killing and conflict on someone else’s doorstep while generally decreasing the equal quality of life for Arab-Americans. But then again, as historians pointed out, while in the Civil War, the North may have been the ones holding the guns at the end, the “equal freedom” for Black Americans would not arrive for another 100 years (unless one believes equal means separate equality). It seems us humans have a hard time living up the few times ideals are touted.

Meanwhile it seems that guns and sex seem to rivet the attention of the population, whether in titillating downfalls of republican emails or the continuing high schools shootings in which sexual abuse appears as a wonderful garnish to the excitement of all. Indeed, there are so many school shootings this week that news desks are frothing in frustration at having to move on before the juicy marrow is sucked out of each one. Alas. But, I can assure you there is inappropriate sexual conduct by people in charge and abuse occurring in your own neighborhood; your church, your school, maybe even closer to home – wowie! Hmmm, not quite as exciting eh?

Like I said, I’m not really pro humans today. No philosophy, no point of view, sorry, just...we suck!


Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is a mental disorder. Seek help.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Wow, a random voice in the blogsphere gives validation on human suckness. I think the world would be a saner, happier and better adjusted if every woman had Linda - but you're too late, for some strange reason she's with me!

kathz said...

Beth, you're so tolerant of this strange anonymous person. With the state the world is in, how can anyone, whatever their own tastes, want to restrict the ways in which adults can love one another consensually?

But perhaps this anonymous stranger also visits websites warning about the danger of greed, for instance, and hate, and really damaging emotions.