Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm a Master of the Macabre? Plus a nice treat for you.

In their Halloween writing series, the CBC (the Canadian National Broadcasting Corporation) has reviewed Zed and named me in an article on six authors titled “Canadian Masters of the Macabre.” I, however, am far too modest to bring any notice to this article (wait a minute, I’m vain, really vain, and I’m as self-serving as a time-share salesperson). Oh, in that case, here it is:

“Her debut novel Zed (2005) doesn’t seem to be classified as a “horror” but holy crow, this book sufficiently filled my horrific quota. A NOW review tweaked my interest on this one and I wasn’t disappointed. Despite being written from the point of view of a 12 year old girl, Zed, this book is most definitely not for kids. Heck, this book is not for most adults. Murder, rape, addiction, sociopaths…all that and more, navigated by young Zed within the confines of an inner city project. Zed is appalling yet believable. I can’t wait for Ms. McClung’s next book!”

I just wanted to point out that not many authors of just ONE book can be a literary writer in June, a Science Fiction Writer two weeks ago and a Master of the Macabre for Halloween (I prefer “Mistress” actually). Zed works for all major holidays. I think there’s enough cocaine mentioned in the book to truly make it a Christmas classic (hint, hint!).

And to get your freak started for Halloween, try watching this (click on "watch this movie") non-child appropriate themed short flash film called Candy from the creator of Childrin R Skary. Mmmmmm.....yummy treats....yummier tricks!


funchilde said...

lmao. you are so crazy! congrats on the review.

belledame222 said...

wow, awesome! congrats!