Sunday, September 24, 2006

Seattle epee tourney, shopping and gawkers.

With 45 minutes to go until I fence I have an insight: tournaments have nothing to do with how well I fence, but how I well I fence UNDER PRESSURE. Hmmmmm.

Linda and I are staying at "Crack Motel" which is cheap, but has a few faults. a) it is by the major freeway (as in 6 feet away) and b) our door doesn't fit - we have figured out how to actually close it (but hitting it with our shoulder), but nothing can make the deadbolt work. Last night Linda was running around worrying about hiding the cash. "Screw the cash, how about me?" I told her more concerned about getting raped than losing our stash. Anyway, nothing happened last night.

I took down three swords and three body cords, if you don't have two working swords, you get a yellow card and if there are any other errors or infractions (like forgetting to salute your opponent at the end of the match), you lose points. One of my swords turns out to have an illegal grip,while a second was missing a screw plus not testing at the right weight (the pressure to depress the point). So I did my "I've always depended on the kindness of strangers" impression and got a couple guys at the club to take a tip screw from the "illegal" blade and put it into the other. It now passes....mostly. I have a club blade as well for backup. Stored it all and went shopping.

Have to say that Seattle is a gawkers paradise as I have had people almost walk into traffic or hit themselves on posts while turning to gawk at me. Yes, I'm tall, and I have purple hair: get over it!

In the 1 hour of shopping I had available, I have: gone and gotten some advice at the Dior makeup counter as well as some skin cream, bought a new pair of new balance shoes for my jogging cross training and bought a pair of stretchy black jeans and a t-shirt hoody so skin tight and thin you can see the clusters of epee bruises through it (the Dior woman suggested a waterproof body make-up for those). Then a nice Italian zesty soup and I am back to fence. Hey, if I am paying this much to come over here, you can bet I am going to get some shopping in.

I like to say I'm not scared and jittery but I'm just not that good a liar. Either way, in a few hours, the fencing will be over, and in a few days, I should be able to sleep again without painkillers.


elizabeth said...


Make sure you check out the market - and if you see Dr. McDreamy send him my way...

kathz said...

I'm looking forward to your report on the fencing and hope it goes well. (I found the results of the first day on the website but they don't seem to post detailed bout by bout results.)

Yoga Korunta said...

Elizabeth, you're doing very well! Yay!

Anonymous said...

I hate I did not get to talk to you Tiger. I was not aware that it was this weekend.

I look forward to your post.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Thanks for all the encouragement - it really did help!