Friday, September 01, 2006

Long Weekend: sex tips, zombies & vampire

Friday before the long weekend; why am I thinking that this may not be the most productive workday this year? It’s the last long weekend of summer, so I am not going to post a long piece on alternative fuel cars (next week!) but instead offer some suggestions to keep your mind distracted as the clock ticks around toward FREEDOM!

A nifty webcomic with strong, yet eccentric goth female characters is Devil’s Panties. Though the main character wears a t-shirt with a double headed axe, she is NOT a lesbian; her friend however is. Besides the comic, she also offers some valuable advice for the bedroom, like not starting off foreplay with the phrase “It’s not my fault!”

I also recommend zombies, as zombies are sort of eternally fun. You could join my zombie army, or better yet you could join me in playing Urban Dead, a post zombie apocalypse city online game. The game is turn based with only 25 actions a day which makes it perfect for a 5-10 minute escape from workplace reality (preferably when your boss isn’t watching).

For those vampire inclined, you might want to check out the oldest blogging vampire, currently named Angelique. Posting can be disrupted when her lair is found or destroyed, but if you ever wanted to ask someone what it was like in the Middle Ages, now is your chance. Of course she may have been preoccupied with the sex and the blood drinking.

As for me, I am heading to the mountains. Yes, that’s right, I am off to do arduous mountain training for epee – based on the premise that anything that makes Mr. Ho that upset must be good for something. Besides, if you read a lot of manga, then you know that either you will end up as a school girl with a complex love triangle (not me!), with a giant sword (yes!), and alien (No!) or do mountain training. The other reason I am heading to the mountains is that there is a bell-ringer convention in town and they are planning to ring the 10 bells of the cathedral through a full chime (takes three hours!) at least once. I live two blocks from the cathedral.

Drive safe, and remember, the more you honk your horn in a long holiday weekend traffic jam, the more the other drivers respect you.

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