Monday, August 14, 2006

Zed update, possible striptease & big in K.C.

Okay, a quick update on the novel Zed before I start obsessing on my about to be rewritten novel Control Group (I am looking for a catcher title – I wanted Kontrol but it was the title last year for a Hungarian film about people who live entirely in the Budapest subway system – which starts with an long apology from the writer/director that the film is not being negative about the Hungarian subway systems but that it is instead a METAPHOR).

It seems that the US press isn’t really interested in reviewing my book Zed, though whether that has more to do with the fact that the book wasn’t published until weeks AFTER it won the Book of the Year award, I couldn’t say (not bitter, honest!). Suck! So if you have read the book and you live in the US, can you please register than you have read it for LibraryThing. It is also a good way to record which books you have read. But if Zed gets to 10 on LibraryThing, I get a toaster. Right now, I don’t have a toaster.

I am in the running for the Butler Book Prize, the shortlist comes out in a few weeks. This is the annual prize for the best writing from a Victoria author in the last year. It is a really horrid event as the five finalists have to go to a dinner and then give readings of their work, and the local press reports how well they read. Then they announce the winner (which they knew before that night and has nothing to do with how well anyone read). BUT, the prize is $5,000, and for that kind of money, I am willing to do magic tricks, or maybe a striptease. I just think that having five people get emotionally worked up and doing readings so that four of them can sit there later going, “Damn!” really stinks. Plus, I read badly. I really wish I had one of those voices that is rich and mellow and makes the work wondrous. Instead, people think I am on speed. Or coming down off speed. In fact you can almost smell the sour post-cranked state in my stumbling-ripping-ever racing on voice. I also have a problem of stopping abruptly and blinking rapidly while people look at each other with raised eyebrows and about seven people decide to clap. But, again...$5000.

If you live in Kansas City, the library has made a little on-line display about how Zed is soon appearing at the library. So, I’m big in Kansas City. If you have read the book Zed and liked it, please recommend it, and point out that you can pick it up for $8 plus shipping on A woman at Linda’s work read it, and liked it, and then told Linda that she was really glad that someone as dark and imaginative as me had someone as stable as Linda to be with. I have to say I liked it better when people were worried about Zed falling into the hands of children than when they read it and decide to make sure I stay away from gun shops and town towers. I’m really not that deranged and violent. Okay, Linda did stop me trying to leave the house yesterday with a butcher knife which I only wanted to SHOW a couple guys, but that’s a story for tomorrow.


GayProf said...

So Kansas City goes, so goes the nation.

elizabeth said...

I'd say you should make room in your pocket for the five grand. That would be great.

Yoga Korunta said...

Zed has been added, per your request.

Sober @ Sundown said...

I don't have a kitchen, want my toaster?

Good luck withthe Butler Book Prize. I hope you win.

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

I've been told the Butler Prize people are brutal. But I know that you're more than equal to the challenge. You'll have them jumping and barking for you in no time.

funchilde said...

uhm, you wanted to SHOW them the knife as in "hey look at this" or "hey, i have metallurgical reinforcements with which to cut your throat"? I was a little unclear on that point. I think you should make Kansas City the "Home of Zed" and pimp an annual pilgrimmage to the KC library annually to celebrate. think MARKETING!