Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Maiden of Epee is Back. Watch out!

Epee? Am I still the Maiden of Epee? Oh yes! The Y just took a week break so I couldn’t fence. But I practiced at home (somewhat...). I am working on a “speed lunge” which others might refer to as “a lunge done correctly.” Put simply: because I am tall and not a size 8, it is easier for me to simply drop my body into a lunge than push off with the back leg. Problem? It slows me down.

Linda counts while I do the lunges, and watches my back leg. And by myself I lunge to techno-pop; specifically to Melanie C’s “I turn to you.” One beat to get out, one beat to get back and one beat to retreat a step and again.

On Monday I showed the guys what I had been working on. With their usual sensitivity they immediately started making fun of me. “What’s she doing?” Gerald asked.

“Shhhhh” William told him, “It’s her SECRET weapon.”

William was going around telling people he had a cold when it was obvious that he was actually a vampire or maybe a zombie (clammy skin, ashen pallor, avoidance of holy water – the signs are there!). The fact that he didn’t seem able to get out a coherent sentence didn’t stop him from beating everyone, myself included before leaving early. Gerald was also in fine form, as the more he DOESN’T fence epee; the better he is when he comes back. I can’t explain it but that’s Gerald, it’s why I like fencing him, you never get the same thing twice.

Rodney was there. Rodney did sky diving, actually 3,984 dives to be exact before his parachute didn’t do what it was supposed to correctly and he ended up with more broken bones than I can remember and in a coma. Well, he’s coming back and snowboards in the winter and fences in the summer to gain flexibility. He really wants those last 16 skydives. We are a good pair as he has a very strong inner defense and I have a long lunge – so basically, if I’m not fast enough on the lunge and he deflects it, he can move in for a point.

Gerald and I talked about my training, and knowing my competitive nature, suggested I move from practicing point control from a ping pong ball to simply a knot at the end of a string. I haven’t hung it up yet, but soon will. In appreciation I trounced him (only in that bout), including leaping vertically ABOVE his blade to hit him in the chest in a point which reduced him to helpless laughter and comments about “pure ballet”. It also included my only “real” point of the night: a short lunge which hit his moving forearm; after a circle avoidance of his parry. It feels great when you actually DO what you have spent hours practicing. He also got a few of my ugliest points of the evening, including one where I am crouched on the floor after he has folded himself bodily around my blade, leaving me to dig and jab around blindly until the point light went off. Sweet sweet victory!

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funchilde said...

i lurve these recaps, your descriptions of the people in your cohort are warm and funny. i am smitten with this peek into your extracurricular life.