Thursday, June 22, 2006

Do "Family Restaurants" listen to you pee?

As part of my limited civic tourism related duty, I wanted to pass on this information to those visiting the Victoria/Olympic Peninsula area.

Reasons to avoid “La Mexican Family Restaurant” in Port Angeles.

1) I was the only female in the restaurant
2) The entire kitchen staff came out to watch me go to the bathroom (the door has a lock, hooray!)
3) While I was in the bathroom my Dad listened to the discussion of the waiters/owners which was “What’s your plan before the police pick you up?” One guy was going to max out all of his credit cards on the belief that once he is in prison there is nothing they can do to him (except wait till he gets out). Unless he did some crime which requires a life sentence?

Other than they have fairly good dip, they are not what I would call a “family restaurant” unless your family is the Gamboni’s. And my Dad said the margaritas were not properly blended.

On that note, I actually do know a guy who got a job at a restaurant in Atlantic City which turned out to be a mob restaurant. After two years there, he went to Japan and became a Zen monk. Just saying.


GayProf said...

my Dad said the margaritas were not properly blended.

Well, I guess we know why that guy is going to jail. We don't take kindly to those who mae a bad margarita.

funchilde said...

first of all is that really the name of this place? that shoulda tipped you off! and i'm with the professor, bad drinks are a crime and must be stopped whenever and wherever we can. but i'm in lurve with your dad for being a margarita expert! cool!