Monday, May 08, 2006

Loving your black pit of darkness, UK style

The trick to loving your inner black pit of darkness is to feed it regularly and avoid showing it to friends and relations. I also personally recommend you avoid displaying it as part of a flirting technique.

Ultraviolet, the TV series (do not confuse with the laughable recent movie of the same name), combines the best of gritty British crime drama with malevolent vampires. In this future/now series of 6 hour-long episodes, the V word is never used. Our police hero gets recruited into a special government branch, which follows the crimes of the shadow collective, whose motives stem from their obsession with the human capacity for self destruction, from blood diseases to biological warfare. The vampires try to plead that they are just a persecuted minority seeking peace, but that rings hollow, particularly in the episode where boys in a private school start coming down with symptoms but with no evidence of bites. The investigation leads the team to a controlled experiment of spreading the cotangent using pedophiles, but there’s worse. This series is presented in the understated British style where the horror builds layer upon layer until you are rooting for what may be the best option: the hero putting his gun to his head.

Another UK series that will strip your emotions raw is Touching Evil from the writer of Cracker, Paul Abbott. From What Price a Child, where foster parents and baby smugglers join forces to create trained children which are auctioned off to rich pedophiles, to a killer who drugs victims so that they are aware and conscious before setting them on fire, this series, starring the martyr driven Creegan of the Organized and Serial Crime Unit, doesn’t pull it’s punches. If you don’t have nightmares after these, then you weren’t watching close enough.

Of course, when returning these to your local DVD rental store, you should avoid trying to impress the good looking butch woman at the counter by letting your enthusiasm for the series make you bubble on about the torture and pedophile elements for five straight minutes using words like, “fantastic” and “like nothing you can find in North America.” Reflecting afterward whether I was now part of a community watch list, Linda asked, “Well, you did tell her that it was because the topic never gets realistic portrayal and proper attention in US shows, right?” That was the little difference between what I assume people already know and the later realization that they might not.


elizabeth said...

Did you get the "stink eye"?

Elizabeth McClung said...

No, she was very patient, but it's one of those moments when you think everything is great and then about five minutes later you review in your mind and go, "I was doing what?"

LJM said...

What's the 'stink eye'?

elizabeth said...

SERIOUSLY. Elizabeth - you wanna take this one? LOL

Karen said...

Sometimes, I fear you. ;)