Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Homophobia Day, Heterosexism and Pirates

Tomorrow, May 17th is the fourth annual National Day against Homophobia in Canada and due to a blog I wrote, I will be giving a lunchtime seminar to the Vancouver Island Tax Services Offices on Heterosexism in the Workplace. If you don’t know about Heterosexism, then I recommend visiting The Heterosexism Enquirer for some interacting quizzes as well as answers to the six most commonly asked questions about LGBT people (including the classic: How do lesbians have sex? My answer: Slowly!)

If you don’t think ending homophobia is about you, then I recommend you check out the Ten Ways that Homophobia Affects Straight People (such as: Homophobia makes it hard for straight people and LGBTQ people to be friends). Heads up for those who say, “I have gay friends,” because if you don’t know their relationship anniversary, the name of their pets or whether their extended family accepts them, then you don’t know some of the things that are most important to your “gay friends.” I admit it's sometimes hard for me to have straight friends; their silence when I talk about the things which interest or excite me tells me they aren’t comfortable. I want to be friends with people I can express what I am passionate about.

On that note, thanks to a recommendation from Kathy, Assistant Amorer to the US Fencing Team, click here to join me in playing the flash game Sea Pirates (you can play it while the boss isn’t looking). Kathy recommends not shooting at whales or towns. I recommend actually reading the instructions as so far I have successfully crashed my ship into the rocks about 10 times. Apparently while I may have natural skills at pillaging and wearing an eye-patch, my navigation still needs work. If you find a way to get little lesbian pirates to show up on the screen, you're my hero.


GayProf said...

Yeah, just try to get hetero people talking about lube. They just don't understand why we gay boys need it.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Yeah, then can you explain to me why I can never find massage oils at Pride Events - I go to the XXX stalls and say, "Have massage oils?"

They go "Lube. We got lots of lube!"

I go "Uh, have you ever heard of 'foreplay?' - ahh, never mind, give me that bondage teddy bear - he's so cute."

Tanginika-Simone said...

Why can't we have such a day in the United States? Everybody needs such a day, actually, such a life without stereotypes, fear, or rejection to what is also part of life.

elizabeth said...

Hey! Not all of us straight people are all that bad! (are we?)

Elizabeth McClung said...

No, "some of my friends are straight" haha! It's just often people don't know what to say and then sort of either go silent or change the subject. So when they start going on about Monster Trucks - I try to be interested, but when I'm going to the lesbian film festival then suddenly the subject changes to the weather. Its just hard sometimes.

elizabeth said...

I know this one might be hard to imagine - but I am rarely silent *smirk*. It also might help that I have a slew of gay relatives so it's something I've been raised with. And I did have honest to goodness real friendships with gay friends - and I even went to a my friend's Mom's wedding as a "date" - more like emotional support since her girlfriend had to work. I might not be interested in all the same things as you but - I like you. I also don't share all of the same interests as many of my friends who happen to be straight, like... monster trucks for instance -lol) but I like them too. People are people. As long as they aren't running around killing people and like beer - I can be friends with them. ;-)

Elizabeth McClung said...

Yeah People are people is a good motto!

kathz said...

I hope the talk goes really well.

I fail the "relationship anniversary" test - but I don't know anyone else's relationship/wedding anniversary so perhaps I can be let off that one.

I'll have to take the quiz. It's too easy to make assumptions - how long ago was the badge "how dare you assume I'm heterosexual?" (a while since I've seen those)

NOTHING said...

i agree with tanginika, i dont get y ppl r homaphobic, theres nothing wrong with gays or lesbiens, then agen i have been rased with having a gay oncle

Karen said...

I just e-mailed your blog to about a million bpeople who I know will appreciate all your thoughts and fantastic opinions! Why didn't I think of it before? ;)

GayProf said...

Most massage oils bad for latex. They also stain leather. I am not saying, I am just saying.

Faith said...

National Day against Homophobia. What a concept. Yet another reason to move to Canada...

Elizabeth McClung said...

Well, my thought at using the Swiss HIV naked fencers/hockey players Ad as an opener just got shot down: "You can't do anything that is remotely sexual, this is a government office" - errr, okay, you want me to talk about heterosexism but not talk about anything that could be considered sexual. Also, the poster of two hockey guys kissing has mysteriously disappeared after several comments that "it was too sexual" and "uncanadian" - ????? Nothing is more Canadian in my mind than Hockey players kissing - We should have it on our flag!

The Watcher said...

I can get lil' lesbian pirates t'show up, but ye'd have t'let th'Canadian Coast Guard let me ship through. ;)

BTW, it be yer 'natural skills at pillaging and wearing an eye-patch' that helped get ye a special spot on th'ship (that an' th'fact that ye wield a mean epee--say hello t'her fer me).

kathz said...

Actually it's the International Day against Homophobia - I hadn't realised till I saw stories in the British press today.


It's a pity the story starts with mentioning HIV/AIDS, however, since that may play into some pretty out-of-date ideas - although good for the group who raised the question.

More stories for the day:

from New Zealand:

from Turkey:

more from the U.K.:

from Guyana:

from France, Germany and Poland:

and there are lots more stories about campaigns and celebrations out there.

(yet again no time to do html tags)

I'm mystified at the idea that sexuality shouldn't be sexual. I'm thinking very hard - no - I just don't get it. Perhaps they think heterosexuals are people who don't have sex???!!!! Perhaps the people who are organising this don't have sex .... or people in the Canadian government are all celibate ... Mystifying and rather sad. I think you should show them the hockey players and the fencers anyway.