Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stunts, Males and Stupidity

While other feminists are examining laws of Congress or underground zines I am busy with……stupid videos. Yes, a site of stupid videos; which are primarily either guys doing stupid things or guys destroying their own stuff in a “cool” stunt and then cheering.

Take for example the short video Basketgirl: 4 guys convince a 14-15 year old female gymnast to be thrown into the air where she does a full back-flip before coming down THROUGH a basketball hoop, including her arms. Now while I have not done a full layout backflip through a basketball hoop I do know that the most likely outcomes are a) full or partial paralysis, b) dislocated finger/shoulder or c) something bad.

But how she was convinced to do this doesn’t interest me as much as what happens AFTER she lands. Okay SHE has done the back-flip hoop thing which is why all four GUYS immediately drop her and run to each other in such a fever of excitement that they are literally climbing over each other to slap each other on the back (as well as climbing into each other’s lap). But wait, look at the girl again. She is rubbing her head. Yes, that’s right, she’s INJURED and yet these four guys ignore her in their orgasmic congratulations of....convincing her to do it the first place (hey guys, you didn’t actually do that back flip!).

After close watching I have come to enlightenment: while I can’t run over guys in my car, if I convince them that they can make some sort of Kevlar suit in their garage and that no one has done it before, they will run themselves over while videotaping it.

On a final note take a look at this Darth Vader Prank. So far the responses follow this pattern: Guys – “Hahahahahahahahaha” Girls - “He is SOOOOOO dead.” Is that couple having a child soon? I don't think so.


B.V. Brus said...

I just don't get it. No, wait -- I do buy into it sometimes, but only up to a point. Give me a dozen videos of guys doing absolutely idiotic stunts (as you noted), and I'll chuckle at the first one, shake my head with a goofy/confused grin at the second, but by the third I'm shouting at the screen, "What the hell do you think you're doing, you morons?!" and turning off the machine in disgust halfway through the fourth.

The "funniest home videos" TV shows? Same thing. Gimme the cute pet films any day, but I can't understand why people love to see a guy kicked in the testicles or people startled to the point of tears.

elizabeth said...

That was really really stupid. Poor kid.