Friday, April 28, 2006

Fencing, Epee, bruises and swimsuits

As part of my continued efforts to try and get more women interested in epee, here is what one hit on the lower thigh looks like 4 days later (quarter for comparison). Want to never wear swimsuits again? Or short skirts? Or shorts? Or short sleeve shirts? Want to have doctors and people in changing rooms think you are a victim of spousal abuse? Then fence epee. Click the link to see the mightiest of all epee bruises. notes that one of the problems for women in extreme sports is that “women bruise easier” So just view this as just an incentive of speed training: Summer’s coming.


elizabeth said...

Well count me in!(or not) Ouch.

kathz said...

I've found myself explaining to fascinated doctors, nurses and technician - and even one dentist! - that the bruises are not a sign of serious abuse. What puzzles me is how often an epee hit can draw blood. I found that my slightly swollen ankle (a good hit, that) included a slight cut and I've had three cuts to my right arm this year. All were with electric epees. (Of course, my jacket is old and probably illegally thin and I'm wearing kids' football socks instead of the padded fencing socks from Leon Paul, so perhaps I could do more to protect myself.

Elizabeth McClung said...

I talked to Gerald last night and he said that until he got a regulation jacket he had blood drawn as well - I heavy recommend getting a regulation jacket! Unless you are going for "fencing scars" to show off. The bad news is the better you get, the more speed people are going to use in touches, so some hits will get even harder.

Anonymous said...

My ribs hurt. ;o)


B.V. Brus said...

Hold on. That's play money, right? Doesn't look like a regulation, 25-cent, good ol' American quarter to me.

Hmm? Other countries have their own curren--


Elizabeth McClung said...

"My ribs hurt. ;o)"

On the one hand, I created bodily injury to "W" last night, on the other hand - I WON!!!! (I mean, oh, I'm sooo sorry).

Though a few side notes:

1) How come so many people end up with bent or broken blades after they fence you?

2) You actually left the ground several times in your soaring flight to touch me.

3) My point slipped...I was aiming for your NECK! (hahahaha)

4) If you are going to go: "No, no, that didn't hurt" (then cough blood into a handkerchief) who am I to counter that.

5) I gave you a hickey! Want me to give you another one while I kiss it all better?

The Lady Owl said...

I enjoy my fencing bruises ^_^. They tell me that 1) there is still someone better than me 2) I need to become faster 3) I still have something to learn and improve upon.

We have a man in my fencing class that we like to call "Andre the Giant". He is not overly intelligent but he is very fast. Whilst fencing with him one day he hit me fairly hard and drew blood. I have a scar on my shoulder from him now, and I proudly show it off. It's something I can show off because I then bring "Andre the Giant" over and show them what I gave him in return.

It is fun, I will not lie. And the pain just means you are still alive and have something to fight for.

Anonymous said...

ive been fencing for 6 months now, i have had bruises all over my right arm, have a scar on my right ankle and one on my right shoulder

Mark said...

Most of the complaints I see are from underarm pokes-where the mesh is thin...Quick learners stop shaving a couple days before, so at least the skin doesnt get broken, and try to keep their elbows in more.