Thursday, April 27, 2006

Catholic school, Zoloft & lesbian pirates

Ug....Summer. The constant daylight and jovial atmosphere is threatening my bitch-hermit nature. I have been trying to stack my manga and lesbian DVD’s high enough to blacken the windows.

Thanks to Brian from Book of Epee for directing me to Yu-me, an online manga about the journey of a friendless girl in a catholic school as she gets a next door neighbor, some friends, sexual orientation anxiety and young lesbian love. Not only does the protagonist have delicious full red hair but also some great writing (“We’re just glad he’s dating someone with ovaries”). A breath of fresh air in a country where bullying LBGT students is now seen as part of “God’s Will” (Operation Save America packed 900 Christians into a Rowan County School Board Meeting to oppose THREE students trying to start a Gay-Straight Alliance).

After giving pirate-obsessed fencers (particularly Epeeists – you know who you are!) a hard time, I now join their ranks with the discovery of Boobs Ahoy!, a web-comic about lesbian pirates. Let me just say that again: Lesbian Pirates! It is rather “adult” in content (that just got every 14 year old boy madly clicking the link) and you may need a friendly lesbian to explain some of the ruder jokes. Though I can already hear pirate purists screaming “Fighting lesbian pirate captains aren’t supposed to start making out!” Ho ho ho, how wrong you are: the two genuine historical lesbian pirates Anne Bonny and Mark/Mary Reed not only joined forces but were found in intimate circumstances by pirate Calico Jack who burst into their cabin in a fit of jealousy over Anne. Pirate lesbians are hip. There is even last year’s short film The Song of the Lesbian Pirates with two determined artists trying to continue Gilbert and Sullivan’s tradition with a lesbian pirate musical, because "everyone loves lesbians" (trailer here). I’d go.

Another online manga about dysfunctional lesbians, university and drugging your children is April and May. I already want to turn one of their comics into a t-shit: “I’m on Zoloft. I don’t care about anything.”

In print manga I have been reading the recent release, Never Give Up, about Kiri, a girl who is stunningly attractive, but in a butch/masculine way. In love with Toyha, a short and pretty boy, Kiri has vowed she will become his “princess.” When Toyha is recruited into the world of male modeling, Kiri follows disguised as a male in order to keep Toyha out of the clutches of the gay boys who want him. Of course she’s forgotten that now she’s a male model, they want her too. Kiri, realizing that maybe she can’t be a “princess” has vowed that she will become the best “prince” for Toyha she can be. While not lesbian, it is a fun gender-bending romantic comedy which shows a strong non-traditional female learning to accept herself as she is.

So remember: sunshine, birds chirping & summer breezes=Bad (just keep saying to yourself – “I’m not a joiner!”); lesbian pirates=good.

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elizabeth said...

Weeeeell. I can try. But I really love Capt Jack Sparrow. funny you should mention pirtates - I just read Treasure Island again. I was cleaning a book shelf and there it was. Funny how much fun pirate stories are even when you are grown up. (Should I try to stop the warm fuzzies from happening when I hear birds chirping - or just keep it a secret?) ;-D

Elizabeth McClung said...

Well, I tend to look for neurotic or goth birds - birds that are just a bit too twitchy - I seek myself in all of the natural world. Pirates are fun, especially now that there are REAL and HISTORICAL female pirates. Not that I don't like Jack Sparrow (Just the way I like my male pirate captains: Flaming!) too. Now who is going to write the lesbian Treasure Island?

B.V. Brus said...

Arrr! I'll be checking on that thar booby-pirates page after I abandon the ol' workplace ship today. Arrr! (The scurvy office navy have powerful spy-scopes, they do.)

Anonymous said...

My favorite quote (by far) from YuMe was "My conscience speaks in ebonics?!"! :D

I read through the archives (they aren't too long), and I do rather like the comic. The pacing seemed a little sketchy in the early comics - I found it blasted through the introduction storyline kind of quickly. The romance seemed kind of quick to develop - but I suppose I am used to the webcomic standard of months of angsting. ;) Once it got started, however, I found the pacing to be quite good. And, as you said, the writing is excellent (and quite funny at times).

Another LGBT comic you might want to check out, if you haven't, is "Venus Envy":
(That links skips the first few comics, which are basically just single-gag strips.)

Deals with a LOT of issues. An excellent read, especially once you read through the first little bit. For someone outside of the LGBT community, I found it quite insightful, especially when it comes to transsexual issues.


mrkgnao said...

Oh. My. God.

Lesbian pirates!!!!

I say again, lesbian pirates!


(sorry, I can't even begin to tell you how thoroughly excited - in every conceivable way - lesbians and pirates make me individually so putting them together...)

Karen said...

Lesbian pirates are awesome! I hate summer too. Let's go back into the bleak winter, shall we? Snow anyone?