Thursday, March 16, 2006

Zed's Book Award nominations and Fig Newtons

Zed has been nominated for two awards. The first is the ReLit Awards, awarded to books published by independent Canadian Publishers. I am on the long list; the very long list of 39 novels. The short list comes out in April. While being 1 of 39 isn’t super affirming, how depressing would it be NOT to be one of the 39?

This proves to me that I never fully leave behind the lessons of elementary school: watch out for the guy that runs around kissing girls, make sure you have both mittens, play-dough is not for eating and try not to throw up while the cool people loudly discuss whether they really want to pick you for their team. Do you think if I gave the Director of the Relit Awards some of my Fig Newtons that she would be my friend? Pick me, pick me!

The second award is the Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year for excellence in Independent Publishing. Simon Logan emailed to tell me this. Simon’s an author who looks to be a major mover in Urban/Industrial Fiction (Check out his site). I am in the Science Fiction category which has 14 books in the shortlist. I think this is the first time Arsenal Press has been nominated for their publication of science fiction (bwhahaha..welcome to the dark side). A little odd, as my genre default tends to be “fiction” or “literature” since “ever-present urban hell” isn’t yet a recognized genre. (the Globe & Mail Review is here)

The idea that people are currently comparing Zed to other works is frightening. I know Zed must stand on her own two feet but all I can envision is a Junior Miss Beauty Pageant where the other contestants are putting glitter in their hair while Zed is carving “Me Pretty” into her arm with her switchblade.

For anyone who has read Zed (or really anyone!), please feel free to try and tamper with the selection processes. I recommend cutting letters out of newspapers to use in writing your missive; crayon is also a very acceptable medium. Any accounts of OCD, foot fungus and other miraculous healings upon reading the book as well as details of the religious figures seen in the coffee stain on page 113 are needed. Now is not the time to be shy. As my writing mentor once screamed after me, “Whore yourself, it’s the only way!”


Simon Logan said...

I was considering kidnapping the judge's children and holding them hostage and had the plan all set up and ready to go then realised that apparently there is a large body of water between me and them.... Bugger.

B.V. Brus said...

Checking out Zed is top of my list of Things To Do At The Office Between Tracking Down Story Contacts. This is no easy feat, considering that calling my mother normally rides at the top position.