Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Surprise someone this Christmas: A toast to lesbianism

Having someone butcher my hair makes me an indoors gal (what is the point of a cool-dyke biker jacket when your bangs now look like they did when you were five?). Having Canada Post say, “So, we lost $800 of your stuff, how is that our problem?” makes me believe in spiritual yeast infections.

Luckily there is still the soothing embrace of audio/visual envelopment (with mega-bass), and a big fat internet-cable pipe to supply my craving.

For tapping into the darker side, I like the new X-3 trailer (click on this or any other link to watch the trailer/movie/whatever) which makes both destructive oblivion and pleading for death look heroic. But nothing blows the ultimate-pouting-fantasy where I'm using my mind to set my town (and Canada Post) on fire faster than letting Linda watch the trailer with me. Why? Because she actually tries to figure out the PLOT.
“What did he say?”
I glare at her.
“No really, was that ‘Stand with me?’ or ‘Ham and Cheese?’”

I’m not in control of my life and the flash animation User Agreement has finally told me who, or at least what is (why do I spend more on my computer than I do for food?). It might also explain my nudist inclinations while sitting in front of the computer.

When I’m depressed I mentally replay all the bad things people have said. Hearing the voices of ex-friends/relations who don’t get that living and loving isn’t about social conformity, or living the parents /grandparents dreams or about going to heaven or hell really sucks. The Korean flash film There She Is gets that (oh no! A girl bunny and a boy cat – what will the children think?). Plus it has a soundtrack which somehow mixes the cool of cult film Tokyo Drifter with an underground Budapest swing-dance club.

In my ongoing quest to queer history/Hollywood and all things pop-cult, I’ve been watching the alternate history of Back to the Future and the relationship between Doc and Marty in Brokeback to the Future; a trailer from which I am still giggling.

To attain that warm fuzzy feeling, Home for Christmas is a short film from Norway about coming out as a lesbian (with strange Norse humour). It’s nice to know that I wasn’t the only one with this fantasy. In one scene the father raises his glass over the dinner table, “Imagine how proud Grandpa and Mimmi would have been had they lived to see a lesbian in our family..a toast to lesbianism. A toast to the future.”

I wonder if I can get some t-shirts printed up with the film’s tag line: Surprise someone this Christmas.


Karla said...

That movie sounds fun. I will have to check it out....if I ever find it. The artsy Norwegian movies usually are more appreciated outside of Norway.

Karla said...
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Karla said...

oops...sorry for double post, not sure WHAT happened.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Colour me confused but...if you click on the movie title, you should be taken to Atom films where you can watch the film. Check it out!

B.V. Brus said...

Can't stop chortling.