Monday, March 06, 2006

An idiot with scissors gets my money

Nothing can ruin a nice day faster than bad haircut (or a truck without brakes). Thankfully, I didn’t need a haircut. But I did need my bangs trimmed.

I made the appointment at the nearest salon for this morning.

Signs that you have gone to the wrong stylist

  1. The stylist has only 1 brush
  2. The stylist has to ask someone what “ceramic straighteners” are
  3. The stylist has a hearing problem which translates “Cut below the eyebrows” to “Cut two inches above the eyebrows”
  4. You have a better hair dryer than they do
  5. The stylist can’t cut in a straight line
When he finished I was turned back to the mirror.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!!!" My bangs have been reduced to a one inch curl off the hairline last seen on the Three Stooges skit; “Moe’s Bad Hair Day.”

Desperately, I try to brush the bangs down but they aren’t getting any longer. “Straighteners?” No, this salon has no straighteners/flat irons.

“Maybe it’s too short” says the stylist.

“Yes, it is. Can you make them longer?”

“No... That will be $6.55.”

My parents told me not to run with scissors and to take them out of my mouth. They failed to mention that for the rest of my life, when I least suspected it, idiots with scissors would ruin my day, my hair and then charge me for the experience.
Jpeg 2 -
    32% of people surveyed have skipped school/work due to bad hair

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    Anonymous said...

    Hair improvements that go wrong are devastating. They say it grows back but that's not much consolation while you walk around for the next few weeks feeling self-conscious. My first perm was horrible - too curly and my hair was fried. My schoolmates called me Shirley Temple or LambChops. I hated it and swore off perms for years!

    My sympathies.