Monday, February 27, 2006

Trafficking in human babies and eggs….hmmmmm

Last night, while working on how to attack the editing of my new book (Which for today is titled “Control Group," the 6th or 7th working title) I read in the Economist about a book on the fertility trade called Baby Business. It talked about how Guatemala currently makes about 50 million dollars a year in exporting babies. But also how top quality eggs cost about $50,000.

So this morning I have decided that I must know a) how early can you harvest a girl’s eggs and b) how long under current technology would they be viable. Or specifically, could a psycho mom harvest her daughter’s eggs without consent and keep them until she deems the daughter to be “suitable”? And how do I phrase that when calling up a scientist?

Thanks to Google, I have read so much about fertility treatments, including the suctioning out of eggs during harvesting that I have become slightly queasy (I maintain there are some places needles should never go). Still nothing to be found on egg storage.

Just a note for those thinking of career options, according to Baby Business surrogating can get you an average of $59,000 a baby (remember: not per year, per baby!).

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Aviatrix said...

You've probably found the answer to this long ago, but we're born with all the eggs we're ever going to have, and they can even harvest eggs from an unborn foetus, such that a surrogate could carry a child whose biological mother had never been born.