Friday, February 24, 2006

Straight men & lesbians? What's going on?

What is the length of time between my moving to a new location and getting asked by a straight guy for a threesome? Less than a month.

Today, Dan, our neighborhood's somewhat-transient artist saw me coming and stole a flower from an old folks home to give to me, “and that other cool lady you live with.” Last time we talked Dan was making the moves how I was so cool that he would love to be with such a beauty like me. I set him straight on how I was with Linda and had been for a LONG TIME.

Dan really wanted to talk about something he “had been thinking about” and “wants to put out there in the universe for you to consider, you and your lady.” What is it he wants to talk about? About “the two of you kidnapping me and showing me the world’” (not so much interested in travel, if you get it, snicker, snicker). Yes, Dan, I get that you would love to have sex with the two of us together. Maybe we can show you that wild lesbian sex you have obviously seen in your straight male porn videos. He ends by telling me that a) it is kinda a joke and b) but one that he is “serious about.”

Could there be any reasons for lesbian couples to stay together other than to service horny guys? Gee I’ll have to get back to you on that one...


Anonymous said...

I think this has a lot to do with the media, well, at least what I've seen. Most men seem to be under the illusion that all women want is their attention, when that's clearly not the case. You don't see girls immediately expecting a threesome from two gay men, do ya? >.<

Zephyr said...

*sigh* Every time I try to flirt with a woman, next thing I know, hordes of guys are around us, trying to horn in. Some are even bold enough to try to touch us. What is it about seeing two girls together that makes men so stupid?