Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rom Com's, Yuri Music Videos and Lesbian Vampires

I have a touch of a cold, probably all these New World bugs re-infecting my body. That’s why yesterday I curled up in front of the computer and watched music video’s from different Yuri anime. When I'm sick and reading gets too hard, there is nothing like bite-sized lesbian anime soap operas set to music. They are free to download and I recommend Card Captor Sakura set to “Oops, I did it again.” and Read or Die OVA set to “Elysium” (Steel Angel set to “Sugar Sugar” is pretty funny too).

Yes, I know it is optimistic of me to think that everyone in the world makes the same “ooh’s” and “Aren’t they a cute couple.” that I do. Or even gets teary eyed while watching a Read or Die video. But why not? They ARE a cute couple (I’m the book-obsessed one and Linda can be the action figure in tight leather). While I can occasionally recognize that most women who watch Romantic-Comedies deep down aren’t saying, “Dump the guy and find a good girl.”, I still don’t understand it. Were that it was a choice, so that more women could be happy.

Even my mom likes hanging around lesbians. We’re cool now, and not just vampires.

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LJM said...

Enjoyed the few videos I saw. I looked at the Card Captor video and had Britney Spears singing in my head all day. Beware!!