Thursday, February 09, 2006

Not going for Bronze Part I

In the December 2005 Economist an article talked about a view within the international community about Canada; that even when things go well or very well Canadians don't tend to have the desire or push to take things further, called "Going for Bronze". I am a Canadian, I love being a Canadian and no offence but, Screw Bronze! Of course, I tend to think that there is a higher personal standard than Gold ("What I didn't get the world record too?").


funchilde said...

ok i have been reading backwards through your blog. i lurve your style and wit, the tone and humor are right up my alley. we don´t have much else in common, but i will blog stalk you anyway...because your stuff is different and fresh and funny.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Cool! Because I think if I waited for people who had much in commmon with me...that would be a long wait, as most maximum security mental wings don't allow internet access.